Sweet Curd: Recipe: Farzana Islam, Culinary Artist


1-liter milk

1/2 cup powder milk

2 teaspoon CHINIGO

1 tablespoon ghee

Saffron color as much as you want

1/5 cup Seed curd (sour)


First mixed milk and powder milk and make it half by the fire. After that with CHINIGO and saffron color fire it a few minutes and take it down. Stir it with ghee. Remain it more than yolk hot. Burst seed curd and take 2 teaspoons and mix it with hot milk. Poured it on earthen pot or bowl and covered it with a blanket or heavy Katha. After 8-10 hour removes the blanket and remain it in a cold place. Keep it on the freeze and after 1 hour serve it.


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