Panchagarh, from a bird’s eye view. Written By: Pronita Nupur Mitra


Those who are thinking of visiting Panchagarh this autumn for enjoying the view of Kanchenjunga, just stop thinking to go out for the action. This is the perfect time for visiting Panchagarh. The glimpses of Kanchenjunga is visible almost regularly. Before returning, just stop by Panchagarh for the witnessing the beauty of the place in a bird’s eye view. Witness the call of nature from the ice-capped mountain sitting here at Bengal.

Though I believe most of you already know how to visit it, still let’s go through it again. You will get day/night coaches of Panchagarh/Tetulia from Shyamoli. Most of the long route bus operators like Hanif, Nabil, Ena, Shyamoli goes to Panchagarh. The fare for AC buses is Tk. 1200, and that of Non-AC are Tk. 600. Hanif Volvo and Nabil Scania are two business class category buses of this route. If you want to stay for a night, then you can start late, like 10 or 11 pm at night. If you want to return the next day, then start off early by evening.

At Tetulia there are two residential hotels and two government rest houses. You can check in to anyone you get. You would need the permission of the district administration if you indeed to stay at the rest houses. “Hotel Shimanter Par” is pretty neat and tidy. If you can’t get into the government rest house then checking in to this is a good option. The owner of it is very friendly, the room rent is around Tk. 600-800 and location of the hotel is just beside the Tetulia Bazar.

The earlier you will awake the more beauty you can witness. Kanchenjunga will be visible with the first light of the dawn. It will be visible from any open place of Tetulia. Next, you will move to zero points at Banglabandha. The experience from the road and nature will make you awestricken. The tea stalls there can play a good role in freshening you up.





Visiting the 500 years old Tetul (Tamarind) tree, from which Tetulia got its name is something you won’t be wanting to miss out. It’s situated at the Tetulia bazar. Kazi and Kazi tea garden are also situated there. With permission from the authority, you can enter there and have a look around that beautiful place. You can your whole afternoon just sitting beside the river Mohanonda. You reserve an auto for a full day a look around the whole place. It may cost you around Tk. 800-1200, (depending on the pressure of tourists).


The cooking of North Bengal is very tasty. Almost all the hotels serve very tasty food. The price is reasonable as well. It won’t be costing you more than tk. 250 per person. And don’t forget to taste the “BadamVorta” (Mashed Peanut) there! That region is infamous for very cold weather. Don’t forget to take some warm clothes with you. The temperature can even fall up to 2 degree Celsius. Please take care of the environment. Refrain yourself from making your surround dirty. It’s our duty to keep our planet clean!


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