Redefining Bengal Written by: Shah Md. Mohsin


If you are not a Bengali, how you consider a Bengali person compared to you native people or compared to other nationalities i.e. British, French, Arab, German or Japanese? And if you are a Bengali person – how would you position your identity in global citizenship?

There is every reason to consider the Bengal as an ordinary place on earth with almost no significant contribution to the world system. Science, technology, sports, economy, politics – nowhere in the international sector – Bengal is considered as a prominent nation. The core reason is not that Bengali people are less talented or lazy. The core reason is his/her distributed energy as a Bengali family life.  A Bengali person is not a single individual – he/she is a parent, a sibling, a friend, a son/a daughter, a spouse, a cousin, a neighbor too. A Bengali person is a societal person as well as a politically conscious being. He/she is not only focused on his/her own self – he/she has a responsibility to all the stakeholders around. Thus a Bengali life is sticky to a lot of elements of life – causing a slower rolling towards success.

Bengali is the 7th largest nation according to population. English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Bengali, Russian and Portuguese are the most prominent language by the number of population.

 Ranking by Population   Language Name   Population  
     1   English   113 Crore  
2   Chinese   112 Crore  
3   Hindi   61 Crore  
4   Spanish   53 Crore  
5   French   28 Crore  
6   Arabic   27 Crore  
7   Bengali   27 Crore  
Ranking By Population Language Name Population
8 Russian 26 Crore
9 Portuguese 23 Crore
10 Indonesian 20 Crore
11 Urdu 17 Crore
12 German 13 Crore
13 Japanese 13 Crore

Geographically Bengal has positioned absolutely in the border between the east and the west, where it is most dense in population.

Strong family bondage is a key factor of a Bengali person. There is almost no single person at a certain age – who never got married. Very significantly – all the kids born are legal with defined father’s name, an exception is rare. It is also rare that a person can be found with step-siblings. These bold parameters indicate strong family bondage in the Bengali community. Rate of divorce is also very poor.

A Bengali person indeed considers his / her son’s / daughter’s success as his / her own success. Parents basically sacrifice their personal life to give their kids a better life with quality food, education, health, and amusement. Ultimately family and kids are at the focal point in a Bengali consciousness.

A non-alcoholic, pious tradition with simple life gives Bengal a different flavor of quality life exclusively. Within a Bengali person – you will find an open-minded, hospitable, food lover family person indeed.


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