S.K Tito Chief Executive Officer Sydney Sun International Interview By: Tauhidul Islam Apu


Video Surveillance Systems are essential to modern businesses as a tool to fight and prevent crime from occurring on your premises. Home security systems, too, are becoming increasingly popular as a method of counteracting or reducing residential crime. A business  without an up-to-date Video Surveillance Systems is at risk, not only of burglary and vandalism but also from a more business-related issue like an employee or staff monitoring. CCTV cameras and intruder alarm systems will deter most potential criminals from attempting any criminal activity in your workplace, but they will also help you to catch the culprits in the unlikely event that they do attempt a break-in.

The Pages: Please tell us about your organization? What is the role of your organization in the surveillance segment of the country?

Sagor Tito: Sydneysun International is the name of a distribution company which deals with the Safety & Security Solutions based products with over 14-years experience. We deal with the Safety & Security Solutions for various segments with Closed Circuit TV Surveillance (CCTV) System, Intrusion Alarm System, Video Intercom System, Access Control/Time Attendance System, Commercial Display Solutions, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, etc. Combining our business experience, technical expertise, profound

knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery model. We offer progressive end-to-end Solutions. Since 2013 it is representing in Bangladesh as the authorized distributor of world-renowned brand Dahua Technology Ltd.

The Pages: Please tell us about the new product line of Dahua & it’s Solutions & plans and prospects in details.

Sagor Tito: Dahua is the world’s largest video surveillance manufacturing company. Based on the different needs or scenarios we have lots of different type of products & solutions for the video surveillance systems. Other than the traditional system we have introduced the latest artificial intelligence technology-based face recognition & detection cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera (ANPR), ultramodern command & control room solution, intrusion alarm system, smart home solution, video intercom system, access control, and time attendance system, and many more safety-security products and its related solution. With Dahua we can offer our customer a Single Brand Solutions for any surveillance-related quarries in an effective way.

 The Pages: Is Dahua interested in investing including the capital with other important cities of the country to form smart and safe City. Please tell us details about this.

Sagor Tito: As a safety security product manufacturer DahuaTechnology Ltd. is one of the World’s largest organizations. The world has the acceptance of Dahua’s solutions & products in safety security segments. The security solution of Dahua Technology was deployed in the biggest international sports like FIFA World CUP- Russia, 2018, RIO Olympic 2016 in Brazil and in the top 20 alliance of the country’s economy G-20 summit.

A large part of Bangladesh is underDahuasurveillance system but the major contribution has been deployed through private sectors like Garments Industries, Banks, Multinational Companies, Education Institutes, etc.

“Sydney Sun International is interested to work with Bangladesh government to deploy the latest video surveillance technology (IoT& AI)to ensure the security & safety of the major cities of Bangladesh; considering the social and national responsibilities. Using the experience of building many safe cities the company is interested to play a major role in attracting modernity to other important cities of the country. In Bangladesh, we have remarkably completed Cox’s Bazar City Surveillance Project, Mymensing Police Monitoring Room, Rajshahi City Surveillance Project, Highway Police Command & Control Center Project with Government.

The Pages: What will be your instructor for young entrepreneurs? How many young people can have employment opportunities through SydneySun International and what kind of qualification should they have?

Sagor Tito: Young people of Bangladesh are very keen to work and win more. Young people are investing in this technology-based business because it’s market demand is increasing day by day. Security is no longer a courtesy rather a necessity. So young people are very keen on this business. 

Speaking about the qualification, any young & energetic fellow who has a little technical knowledge can manage this business. However, from time to time we do organize training in respective fields through our workshops, seminars, etc. After those knowledge-sharing events, many of them have started their own business in their native area or based on the market expansion we do provide opportunities for our business. However, at present, we have 168 employs in my organization.

The Pages: What is your organization’s role in the sunken into security-related counterfeit goods?

Sagor Tito: Many duplicate or fake products are available in the market. These are the major threat to the industry. By selling bellow slandered products they not only cheated the end-user but also create various obligations for the industry as well as the economic growth of the country.

 To ensure the genuine products & service we did introduce lots of our authorized selling points all over the country from where the customers can gather proper knowledge to purchase their required products or solutions. Not only for large scale of solutions but also experiencing the latest technology-based products, We are the only company who have an experience center at Gulshan-1. From here anyone can get the real-life experience of our latest IoT (Internet over thing), AI (Artificial Intelligence) based surveillance products. 

My dream is to serve my country with the best possible way within my ability. As a businessman of safety & security products & solutions, I want to contribute my life to build a safer society with smarter living.





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