Some Good Time with Avishek Sinha By: Mohammad Mohiuddin Moin


 The Pages: Please tell us something about the Introduction of Kurry Accent.

Avishek Sinha: Kurry Accent is a part of accent hospitality. It is an Indian restaurant. We have also a sweet accent. We are making there a chain of sweet. We have two halls of Gardenia Banquet for 500 peoples. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Bangla, etc. menus are available here. It is an exclusive branch for hospitality accent.

I am Avishek Sinha. I am a partner of curry accent. In Past, I was looking for Khazana & Khazana Mithai. We decided to do something new. In that case, we opened a new brand. At present, it is a new vision for us. We want to run a proper banquet. Besides, remaining the name and fame of our restaurant. We are providing proper service, suitable place, and enough area for parking. These services you can get only in a 5-star restaurant. Our customers get benefits for coming here. As I was connected with sweet sector I opened a new sweet accent here. We decided to spread it all over Bangladesh gradually.

The Pages: What are the different characteristics of your Kurry Accent?

Avishek Sinha: The main characteristics of Kurry Accent are our cuisine system. Our cuisine is as some as Indian cuisine system. For being a good relation between Bangladesh and India nowadays a lot of Indian comes to our Bangladesh. Otherwise, the Indians who belong to here, it is our main aim that they can taste the exact Indian food. Kurry Accent presents Indian food through internationally. We also serve our food to our lovely customer in the same way as 5-star restaurant do. The taste of our food is totally adorable. You do not need to go to India for the taste of Indian Food. You can get the taste of Indian food in our restaurant.

The Pages: In the case of these kinds of restaurant, we considered that the meal price is a lot more to pay. In that case please tell us something.

Avishek Sinha: The price of our food is not so much but it is not cheap at all. We keep the medium price for our food and facilities. So I think one can afford this price especially the peoples who belong to Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, and Dhanmondi. One person can complete his lunch at a rate of 1000-2000Tk.

Besides, we started a special offer name as `Tiffin Dabba’ which is cost only 500 Tk. This offer is perfect for the executive and students. We serve it within a short time as the executives and the students do not have sufficient time.

The Pages: How did the journey of Kurry Accent begin in Bangladesh? And tell us something about the current position in the marketplace.

Avishek Sinha: Kurry Accent Hospitality is a new company in Bangladesh. I am an Indian partner of it. We made this restaurant and there was a banquet with it. Besides, we also have a chain of sweet. We are providing our food at a reasonable price. Serving the customers well is our main vision.

The Pages: What kind of challenge do you face in this business?

 Avishek Sinha: I have been in Bangladesh for 12 years. It is really a friendly environmental country. I do not have to face such a difficult challenge. It will be better if there are some good hotel management and tourism institute for the hospitality industry. It will be helpful for increasing the GDP of Bangladesh by utilizing some youth from this kind of institute.

The Pages: Say something about the reason for being here.

Avishek Sinha: I have been in with this industry for the last 20 years. I have been starting work here since 1998. Bangladesh is a perfect place for business. I think it will be accepted among the customers if I can give them healthy food.

The Pages: Many people think that restaurants food means adulteration. Say something in that case.

Avishek Sinha: All the time we provide healthy food and a gorgeous presentation.


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