Preeti Modi A touch of different icon in the fashion world Interview by Mohammad Mohiuddin Moin


My name is Preeti Modi. I have completed my education in India. I have completed my primary and university education in Bangalore. I have completed Bachelor of Financial Management from India. After that, I got married and came to Bangladesh. I have taken a Diploma Degree in fashion.

The Pages: Please say something about KIARA brand?

 Preeti Modi: Actually designing is one of my hobbies. Firstly, I used to design cakes. I would do that by passion but at present, I have dropped that because of lack of time. I have also started KIARA brand out of fashion. I see in Dhaka that there are many high-quality fashion industries. Good qualities of Muslin clothes are made here. All the designer’s work is really good. Since the weather of Bangladesh is very hot so I wanted to bring comfortable cloth especially for working women. The cloth of my brand is comfortable, budget-friendly and stylish also. From the beginning, it was my thought that I shall sell cotton saris. I have bridal lehenga, sari, party dress and more. One of our popular saris ismulmul sari. It is famous due to lightweight and comfortability. All our products are brought from India. Even bridal lehengas.

The Pages: How are you getting a response in Bangladesh?

Preeti Modi: At present, I am getting a very good response.

The Pages: Are you planning to do business on an online basis?

Preeti Modi: Most of the saris of our brand sell through online. We have a joint venture shoe factory in Panjab. My products are coming from there. As such our products are very cheap, trendy and stylish. You will get all kinds of shoes here. Our main focus in online is our shoes and saris. The rest bridal collection is available at the showroom.

The Pages: There are so many fashion houses in Bangladesh. Why customers choose your KIARA?

Preeti Modi: There are many boutique houses in Bangladesh. We always provide quality products. Our saris and shoes are very exclusive. Like us, some shoes are available in other showroom but we can sell to our customer at a most lower price. The reason behind this is we make shoes in our factories. On the other hand, other boutique houses import products through a reseller and they could not minimize price.

The Pages: Generally, everybody tries for a job after completing education. Please tell us the reason for starting this business?

Preeti Modi:  The background of my family is business. My father is a businessman. Due to the sickness of my father I took the responsibility of our business and when I was a student. I was involved in business up to my marriage. My husband is also an industrialist. From the beginning itself, I had an interest in business not for a job.

The Pages: Does your business affect your family life? How could you manage?

 Preeti Modi: My husband and my father in law help me a lot. They always cooperate with me. My showroom closes at 8 pm. I do me all business work in the day time. At night I spend time with my family.

The Pages: Please tell us something about our young readers. What should they do a job or business?

Preeti Modi: Youth should be educated first. They can do well in job and business both. It depends on their interest. Everybody cannot do every work. So they should select their choice from his willingness. And have confidence in themselves.


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