SAFA Conference Held in Srilanka


Professor Dr. Md. Salim Uddin, FCA, FCMA, Chairman of Executive Committee of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited and Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation-BHBFC presented the paper on “Combating Corruption in Bangladesh” in SAFA (South Asian Federation of Accountants) Conference held in Srilanka. As Vice President of ICAB (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh), Dr. Salim also attended the SAFA Committee Meeting of Accounting Standards. A huge number of Certified Accountants from South Asian countries including Bangladesh and other experts participated in the conference.

Dr. Salim stated in his paper that corruption is considered the bane of the society which has plagued all attempts to improve the lives of the citizens. Corruption poses major blockades to all forms of development including sustainable development, inclusive economic growth,  minimizing income disparity, poverty reduction, human and psychological imbalance, etc. He also told that fighting corruption is a precondition for economic development and the establishment of an equitable society. He mentioned that according to Transparency International no fewer than 6 billion people in the world live in countries considered severely plagued with corruption problems and 68% of all the nations in the world appear to be characterized by severe corruption issues.

Dr. Salim discussed 53 Global List of Anti-Corruption Measures/Instruments used by the different countries of the world for preventing, combating and controlling corruption. In this regards, he pointed out all the measures, strategies, instruments and techniques including legal framework used by Bangladesh for preventing and combating corruption in Bangladesh. He also discussed a list of laws, rules, and regulation enacted with a desire to curb corruption and to take disciplinary actions against corruption presently enforce in Bangladesh. He mentioned some very important strategies, policies, plans, programs and conventions such as the National Integrity Strategy, information commission, etc promoting good governance strategy to prevent corruption and improve integrity in all spheres of life. Dr. Salim pointed out that in 2018, the Hotline-106 of the Commission’s Complaint Center received 17,18,736 calls. In 2018, as many as 16,606 written allegations are received from the respected citizens and various governments, non-government organizations including media.

He also mentioned that Anti Corruption Commission has formed Corruption Prevention Committees (CPC) in all the cities/metropolitan cities, districts, Upazilas, even at union levels, including the enlightened personalities of the society. The Anti-Corruption Commission in association with the CPCs has formed 26,213 “Integrity Units”, comprising students from schools, colleges, and madrasas with the objective to forge up the values of honesty and integrity among the young generation. He concluded that there are many people in Bangladesh who do not consider combating corruption as a regulatory function; they rather consider it as a welfare activity. Control of corruption is not only the control of offenses; it is rather a means to facilitate the pace of development. Preventing Corruption and Promoting Good Practices, inclusive Programs against Corruption and Social Power-Based Participatory Movement for Corruption Prevention are essential.


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