Trump reportedly calls Fox News CEO to complain about negative coverage


President Trump reportedly called Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott to complain about the negative coverage he is getting from the network’s programming, according to an article in The Atlantic published Monday morning.

Trump and Fox News, one of his friendliest media outlets, have been at odds in recent months with the president expressing frustration with getting negative coverage from the network.

The Atlantic granted anonymity to a Fox News employee who spoke about the calls, “I’m not sure she tells him what he wants to hear. If you think about Suzanne, it’s like, I’m running the network. The president is not running the network. And if you’re Donald Trump, it’s like, Damn if you are — I’m running the network. And, to be candid, there have been times when the network probably gave Trump too much of the idea that he was running the network.”

Just two weeks ago, the president ridiculed the network for an interview with Democratic National Committee Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa and he felt that America’s Newsroom host Sandra Smith let her say “whatever she wanted with zero pushback.” He went as far as to say that Fox News is no longer “working for us anymore.”

He has also repeatedly attacked former DNC chairwoman Donna BrazileShep Smith, and Juan Williams, all of whom work for the network. Fox News generally does not issue responses when their personalities face the ire of the president.

Source: msn News



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