Late Winter Style Mantra By: IRTIFA ALI


With the debut of February, one thing looms on the horizon- Last days of winter!  Late winter means brighter days and bit warmer climate. As winter evolves; so should our style evolve with it. Late winter style mantra mainly includes the classy casual route of clothing and bright-hued accessories. It is time to twist and generate quirky themes in our daily fashion.

The most important aspect of the end of winter clothing is the color. As we are still in winter, we can still play with monotones such as grey, off-white and beige. Try to avoid wearing the oh-so- predictable black and opt for other shades of dark colors such as navy, dark chocolate, dark-inky blues, etc. To match the overall mood of winter pale and soft pastels are excellent options. Try pairing hues such as lavender, light turquoise, blush pink, mauves and mint shades with dark or monotones. Now is the time to jazz up your look with bright pops of colors on your accessories such as red, maroon, magenta, green, orange and purple.

For menswear, the overall aim should be classy casual with strong and structured silhouettes. Opt for medium to light knitwear and jackets. Pieces such as blazers, hoodies, light leather jackets, half or full-sleeved sweaters offer numerous possibilities of layering up in style. In this time of the year, we better avoid acid wash or ripped denim and choose for a darker wash in shades of diesel blue and navy. Stripes can work all season so think of teaming Breton stripes and Burberry inspired stripes with dark jeans or beige pants. Take a look at the everyday style of fashionable dudes such as Bradley Cooper and Hrithik Roshan to get a clearer idea of this menswear trend.  In regards to accessories we can always choose bright colors such as red and maroon to spice up the overall

classy casual look. Try wearing scarves, mufflers, belts, and hats in these bright and fun colors. As for footwear we better stick to closed shoes such as sneakers, canvas or oxford style lace-up shoes in order to avoid the unwanted cold feet and cracked heels! In the department of womenswear, the main essence should be soft yet classy casual. Just because the climate is still cold doesn’t mean the female counterpart should portray the same theme with their clothing. In this particular time, women should focus on bringing out the softer knitwears and jackets as opposed to the bulky knits and harsh silhouette they wore earlier winter. So feel free to wear cashmere, wools, traditional weaves, ponchos, tunics, shrugs and light-weight hoodies in your daily

“It is time to twist and

generate quirky themes in your

daily fashion”

 lives to feel comfy and warm. For these warmer pieces, opt for pastel colors or monochromes to keep the overall look soft and feminine.

Ladies can try accessories in bolder hues such as bright pink, emerald, maroon,  orange and yellow. Think of including scarves, pashminas, shawls, quirky hats, fun belts with your casual wear to battle the last phase of winter. Fashionistas such as Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston embody such fashion style with great ease. Women should try dark wash jeans in boot-cut or skinny silhouettes. Furthermore, women can still pair up their trusty leggings, jeggings, and woolen tights. As for footwear, the best options are ballet flats and sneakers. However the softer or brighter the color the better! Think Parisian women fashion as a big inspiration for this time of the year. As winter fades away and leaves its last traces and ushers the beginning of spring, don’t forget to make the best of this amazing opportunity to have fun with your clothes. Late winter style equates with affordable and cool casual style. Try to take your early winter fashion to a bit more quirky and relaxed category and you are good to go!



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