Faisal Mahmud is now serving Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd. (BEOL) as Marketing Manager. Being an IBA graduate, he has the experience of working in reputed MNCs like GP, Berger Paints & BEOL, in different functions of Sales & Marketing. Having started his career in Grameenphone Center Rollout Project, Faisal contributed to product management in Grameenphone & Brand Management in Berger. In BEOL, Faisal is responsible for brand building for reputed BEOL brands like Rupchanda, Fortune, King’s, Olivoila & Meizan.

Recently the Pages team had the opportunity to sit with Faisal Mahmud for an interview. Mr. Mahmud was frank enough to share his thoughts and philosophy.

The Pages: Rupchanda won the fourth position in the recent best Brand Award-2014. Therefore, in the industry of Edible Oil, they are undoubtedly the number one. When it comes to the term ‘Edible Oil’- Trust is a very crucial word. How Rupchanda made it possible to win the ‘Trust’?

Faisal: Trust for Rupchanda is not a thing that is achieved overnight. It’s a story of two decades. Rupchanda was launched in 1996. Rupchanda has a significant contribution behind the transformation of soyabean oil category and nationwide awareness about the vitality of staying fit and healthy.

When Rupchanda made a foray with soyabean oil, the edible oil market was commodity-driven and the consumer awareness was extremely low. The market was dominated by ‘loose selling’- oil in readily packaged format was an unknown concept. Soon a pool of consumers is created for hygienic, safe, bottled soyabean oil. Over the last two decades, Rupchanda as a brand never compromised with quality. But it has not restricted itself within just quality assurance. It kept on improving the way it serves the consumers. Pouch pack is launched; recently new bottle design is also in the market. In 2012, Rupchanda soyabean oil has further revolutionized itself by successfully fortifying Vitamin A. Rupchanda is the first Vitamin A fortified soyabean oil, under “Vitamin A fortification project” of MOI, Govt. of Bangladesh, under technical support from UNICEF.

Rupchanda’s relentless effort in serving customers in a better way is the factor behind winning the “trust”- I believe.

The Pages: In contrast to other ordinary edible oil brands, how Rupchanda is different?

Faisal: First point to mention- quality. Rupchanda’s uncompromised endeavor in quality assurance is now clearly visible through how consumers respond to Rupchanda as a brand.

With quality comes assurance, then comes satisfaction. Consumers are rested assured of what they are eating- they are happy that they are getting something worthy of their hard-earned money. Vitamin A fortification is also a clear distinction. This fact becomes more precious if I put two facts- a) Human body takes Vitamin A in a better way if it comes through oil, and b) It’s easier to ensure Vitamin A to mass people of Bangladesh if it is fortified in edible oil since edible oil is consumed by all the Socio-economic Classes.

The Pages: In this arena of ‘Globalization’, what strategies do you follow to face the challenge from the competitors?

Faisal: Regardless of the industry, the key to win is continuous improvement. Let me quote Philip Kotler- “If you continue doing business in the same way you are doing now, within five years you are out of business”. Simple.

The Pages: ‘Rupchanda’ is a secret name of the recipe of many Bangladeshi housewives. This vast group of the customer depends on Rupchanda without any hesitation. How Rupchanda plans to respond in return? (CSR).

Faisal: CSR is not about donating some money or supporting any non-profit organization. Social & environmental issues have to be “integrated” in the business operation. For a developing country like Bangladesh, establishing the true essence of CSR has just started. But that does not mean that we will not initiate the change. Rupchanda plans to offer “Happy Family Moments” to its consumers- both functionally & emotionally. Rupchanda wants to stay firm in the clear stance it takes- for the society & for the environment. Each initiative to be taken under Rupchanda will have a positive consequence on the society & environment it operates.


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