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Hello Friends, I am Md. Sarwar Jahan (Alex). I am a filmmaker by profession. Just as you have many interests, my interests are local food and travel.

Who doesn’t love to eat? People of all ages are crazy about food-from Teknaf to Tetulia, join me, Alex, as I introduce you to the local delicacies.

Just as there are no limits to discovering new things you like, finding and eating good food is also an endless adventure.

It is said that some good things must not be shared, but when it comes to good food, it should never be enjoyed alone. Truly it is so everlasting that I feel that I can’t keep my eyes long enough to experience it all. Thank you to Cloud Bistro for presenting us this delicious recipe. Let’s find out how it is prepared.




2 whole crabs cut into pieces

For the sauce:

2 tablespoons Sesame Seed Oil

2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil

2 tablespoons Tamarind (Concentrated)

3 tablespoons Red Chili Sauce

1 tablespoon Sweet Chili Sauce

5 grams Coriander Leaf

5 grams Shallots

5 grams Minced Garlic

5 grams Minced Ginger

5 grams Lemon Grass

5 grams Chili Flakes

For the rice:

1 cup Rice (one-day-old cooked rice)

1 pc Egg

10 gm Butter

5 gm Shallots

For the Bokchow:

Bokchow – 2 heads

Oil – 1 tablespoon

Soy Sauce – 2 tablespoons

For the garish:

10gm White Sesame Seed


First, cook the crab with two tablespoons of oil and a little bit of garlic. In the meantime, cook the sauce– heat the pan and pour sesame seed oil. Add in garlic, ginger, and lemongrass. When it turns fragrant add in chili sauce, followed by tamarind paste, and then a little bit of water. Add chili flakes. Bring them to a boil. Next, add in the crab and sweet chili sauce. Toss in the roughly chopped coriander and shallots. Turn off the heat.

For the rice, heat the pan and add half the butter in the pan. Then toss in the rice with the butter. Create a space in the rice and add butter in the pan followed by the egg. Let it cook for 30 seconds and then mix it with the rice and season it. The texture of the rice should be a bit soft and sticky (gooey). Sauté the Bokchow with oil and soy sauce, and add just a hint of garlic. Serve on a plate.

Budhu Biryani is one such historic restaurant that for the past 72 years this delicious and clean place is continuously serving food. From big politicians to film directors, actors, actresses and even the American Ambassador is a big fan of this Budhu Biryani house’s Chicken Pulao. I managed to find out some fun facts about this delicious dish from the cooks here. The address is No. 56 Haricharan Rai Road, Faridabad, Dhaka, 1204.  Let’s explore how this recipe is prepared.



1 kg Dinajpur Irfan Rice

½ liter Water

150gm Soyabean Oil

2 teaspoon salt

According to taste Cinnamon

According to taste Green Cardamom

According to taste Nutmeg (Jaiphal)

According to taste Mace (Javitri)

1 teaspoon Ginger Paste

1 cup Sliced Onion

1 cup Powdered Milk

20gm Ground Nut Paste


For the Chicken: After the onion is made into a paste, use the ginger paste, garlic paste, nutmeg (jaiphal), mace (javitri), cinnamon, green cardamom, and salt to marinate the chicken well. Then you have to cook the chicken.

For the Rice: Begin by pouring some soybean oil in a pan and turning the heat up to high. Once it is heated add in the sliced onions and wait until they turn golden brown. Remove half of the sliced onions and keep aside. Add in the nut paste and stir well, then add the ginger paste and salt. Keep stirring well for at least 3 minutes. Add in a little water followed by milk and finally the pre-soaked (for 30 minutes) rice.

Soak a newspaper and cover the top of the pan with it. Then place a lid on top and cook for 10 minutes. Place another pan at the base of the pan and keep cooking for 15 more minutes until ready to serve.

We have turned a little bit devilish, because as soon as the sun sets no one can stop us from going out. We feel restless and our hunger is amplified, we refuse to be stopped by anything standing in our way. We remain unfulfilled if we don’t taste something new. That’s why our search led us to TBW Fish and Chips. I am astonished to see their dedication to cleanliness. Friends, you may close your eyes and eat here without fear of getting sick.

Friends, this is all for now. I, Alex, will be back again in the next issue with more mouth-watering food.

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