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There was a relatively high expectation for the movie “Ek Cup Cha” based on the buzz going around the social media circles, especially prior to its release on the 14th of November across theatres in the country. Film actor turned producer Ferdous Ahmed’s debut as a producer was one of the reasons for it. It is a good effort from his director-also a debutant directing his first big-screen film-Noieem Imtiaz Niyamul.

The story and script were written by Basu Chatterjee, who was responsible for catapulting Ferdous Ahmed’s acting career with “Hotath Brishti”.

The story revolves around an affair of a professor with a librarian. But, of course, it is never as simple as that. I will spare you the spoilers as many of you might not have seen it yet.

The starring roles are played by Ferdous, Mousimi, Rituparna Sengupta, Ejajul Islam, and Indian Actress Munira Mithu. Other notable stars include Afzal Hossain and Nipun. The actors gave good performances throughout the movie by staying committed to their roles and supported the direction effort.

Ferdous mentioned in interviews that he was delighted that he got to experience the entire filmmaking process from pre-production up to its release in theatres.

He was overwhelmed by the response when the film first hit the theatres and movie lovers flocked to see it.  He said that his ambition to be a producer came from senior actors who took the same route. He highlighted the importance of understanding and chemistry necessary between a producer and a director. He found that in Noieem Imtiaz Niyamul and decided to work with him.

On the hype generated by the movie prior to its release, Ferdous said that he was a bit worried that the film got overhyped and the audience might be expecting too much when going in to see it.

Coming back to the director, Noieem Imtiaz Niyamul, it seems that he has successfully made the transition from the small screen to the big screen. It feels like an honest and a good first effort. Although not as well thought out and polished experience as it could have been it still makes for entertaining viewing. He had several well-received small screen efforts and Ferdous took a big risk by letting him direct his first film as a producer. This might have been a bold move for him considering the anticipation from those who wanted to watch the film. Given how quickly the word spreads in today’s over-sharing always-connected world, it will not be a mistake to think that the movie will earn back the cost of making the film and do well. This goes with the recent trend of local films doing well at the theatres.

Ek Cup Cha may not have been a benchmark-setting reflection of the rich arts culture and heritage of Bangladesh, but it will satisfy fans of the lead stars and provide an important foundation for the director to build and expand from.

Another positive that can be taken away from Ek Cup Cha is the music -which includes a song penned by the late great Humayun Ahmed. The credit for the music largely goes to the composers and artists performing the music. The father-daughter duo of Alamgir and Akhi Alamgir were among those who worked on the project.

It is easy to recommend this film as something more than a casual time killer. Hopefully, we will see better efforts from the director and expect better quality productions from Ferdous Ahmed-as this was their first effort in new roles and they can only improve and keep their fans expectant for their next projects.



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