Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi

Born year: 1985, 14th April

Father: Lutfor Rahman Santu

(Executive Body member of BD Tennis Federation)

Mother: Nafiza Bashar Popy

(Physical Instructor teacher of Kamrunnesa govt. girls)

Husband: Md. Sumanur Rahman

(ACCA Account, Primus Builder’s London)

Daughter: Seerat Rahman (5 months)

College: CODA

University: Lewis Clark State College, USA.

MSC: Will start South Bank, University.

Achievement: National Level Champion: 1995 to 1998

(Junior tournament under 14)

BD National Open Champion: 1998 – 2005


ITF junior under 14 tournament 1995-2001(runners-up) Playing in NAIA, USA Collage Level (2006-2009)

The pages: How did you start your career? Why choose tennis as a career?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: My parents were involved with sports like Handball, Volleyball in their school & college life. Because of their interested, I also started the carrier as tennis player. In 1995 an American coach came here to train the junior player called Jim Payel, he is my first trainer. He told my father that, your daughter will be a great player. That time I was just nine (9) years old. Also, I was started playing at the national junior level in 1995.

The pages: The women of Bangladeshi sports are very limited, they are faces many obstacles, what is your experience?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: It’s true that women of our country face many obstacles according to their society and religious view. Whereas, my parents have a sports background and my father is still now working as an exe body member at BD Tennis Federation. He was involved in this sector only for supporting me. If parents threat of their sun & daughter equally then any type of obstacle we can overcome.

The pages: The tennis is a worldwide popular game but in Bangladesh, it is not so popular why?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: I think, the main problem is sponsorship. According to Bangladesh, there have many sponsors for football and Cricket but for tennis, there have a great lacking of sponsorship. Otherwise, the equipment of tennis is costly and also lack of a potential coach. Bangladesh Tennis Federation can’t give that opportunity and resource to become a good tennis player. Even then, without a federation coach, we have to pay for guidelines.

There has the same problem in international games, to play abroad it is essential to expense at the list for coach and players. There has also some problem with payment. Sometimes there has half payment for female players then Male players in national championship games. Because of this problem Tennis can’t develop in our country.

The pages: As a tennis player what is your success? As a tennis player, what is your establishment internationally?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: In national level, junior tournament under -14 Campion to 1995-1997 Junior tournament under 14 champion, BD open champion in 1998 BD national open champion in 1998 – 2005


1995: ITF Junior under 14 tournament playing in India, Columbia, (Marked as youngest player of math)

1996- 2000: ITF tournament (regular playing Qatar final and semifinal)]

2001 (15 years): Junior ITF tournament BD player playing international level and Runner up.

2002-2005: IFT under 18, playing internationally (semi quarter-final)

2006: Got scholarship from American Luis Clark, state college, the USA for the study of playing in college level.

2006-2009: Playing NAIA, different college level.

2008: Got award as “ Aurther Ash junior leadership and sportsmanship award from NAIA.”

The pages: How to relate female in tennis and other games and how to remove those barriers in this sector?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: Study is not main fact nowadays. Beside study our parents have to be open-minded they have to realize that everyone has genius the have to get the scope to prove that.

The pages: What is your future career plane? Why women players of Bangladesh can’t maintain their professional life after marriage?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: I had no plane to give up the tennis. In 2009 there held an operation in my right-hand wrist after that I can’t play in a professional way. I get inspiration form my husband’s house but after 5 years gap and cause of injury, I can’t back. But if there have any scope to train up the young tennis players, I want to stand beside them. By the way, I am very hopeful for my educational career. Now I am completing my M.S.C in London South Bank on internally database system. I wish to do something about this sector in Bangladesh.

The pages: Tell us something about your family.

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: My husband completed ACCA in BPP London now, working as account primus builders in London. I have one adorable 5 years old baby called Seerat. I am always maintaining my responsibility from time to time as a tennis player, mother, and wife.

The pages: Who is your Ideal player?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: I like Martina Hisgis Swiss in childhood otherwise I like Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Rafael Nadal and Saniya mirza also.

The pages: Have you ever involved with any charity work?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: Yes I was. In 1998 I was playing with foreign guest and embassy members for Flood affected people by the sponsor of Sonargan and another charity game was in the College level for the Sidr affected people. Otherwise, when I came back from abroad, and take an initiative to help sidr affected people by money and distributing blankets.

The pages: You were living in abroad in many days. After come back any have changed here?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: As my father is related to Tennis so I am getting the information’s about tennis. There have no any good player still now, the performance of international label is not remarkable here. Only the Government of our country and corporate sponsorship can change this situation.

The pages: Without game how do you spend your time?

Shefat Nusrat Baishakhi: I like to spend time with my daughter, otherwise listening to music, watching film and plantation is my favorite hobby.


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