Chuye Dile Mon Love Rekindled


2015 has so far been an exciting year for Bangladeshi movies. It has seen many notable releases; which managed to generate quite positive reviews both from critics and the audience. It seems that the art of movie-making is experiencing resurgence through the ambition and dedication of a new generation of filmmakers.

Chuye Dile Mon is a romantic film. It is produced by Asiatic Ddhoni-Chitra Limited and Monforing Limited and directed by Shihab Shaheen. The highly popular Arifin Shuvo and the award-winning actress Zakia Bari Momo star in the lead roles.

The film is going to be released on the 10th of April; the audience can expect to see a very different Momo in the role of Nila. She mentioned that she is just as excited as everyone else and can’t wait for the film to be released. She has high hopes for Chuye Dile Mon. With a few good performances under her belt and with the recent interest in quality local films she has every reason to think that Chuye Dile Mon will be a success. She admits that she was so engrossed while playing the role that even now she thinks she is the character of Nila. After hearing the buzz and people’s expectations and hopes for the movie, she is extremely excited about it.

Meanwhile, her co-star Arifin Shuvo, who is no doubt one of the most successful actors at the moment, gave a great performance and has similar hopes for the movie. Arifin previously won several awards and nominations since his debut in 2007.

Director Shihab Shaheen said that all the effort and hard work that goes into making a film is worthwhile when the movie is eventually released and everyone gets to see it. Regarding his expectations for Chuye Dile Mon – he hopes people will be touched by it, remember it and be entertained; laugh, cry, and stay immersed in the story. Whatever the response, he said he will accept it as deserving. Shihab Shaheen is already a well-established and famous name for TV drama audiences. He makes the leap into the big screen, and judging

from the hype and early reviews, the movie will not disappoint his fans. A young director, Shihab Shaheen is looking to be among the ones who are set to transform the industry and produce thought-provoking quality films with greater consistency.

The cast and crew worked really hard to deliver a good movie to the audience. It is evident in the performances, environments, etc.

The title track of Chuye Dile Mon quickly became popular after the release of the soundtrack a few months ago. Tahsan Rahman Khan and Habib Wahid sang the tracks; the soundtrack consists of a total of 5 tracks composed by Sajid Sarkar and Habib Wahid.

From the name of the movie – Chuye Dile Mon – it can be easily guessed as being a love story. But make no mistake, even though there have been quite a lot of movies about love in recent times, Chuye Dile Mon will be quite different and is sure to captivate and entertain the audience.

The story goes: Abir (Arifin Shuvo) and Nila (Zakia Bari Momo) were best friends since childhood. They grow up and start to feel the weight of responsibilities and other pressures; due to this, they start to drift apart and not see each other anymore. Abir gets a job in Dhaka City while Nila remains in Hridoypur. With the passing of time, they start to realize how they feel about each other. They were in love. What follows next is a tale of how they would get back together to express their feelings to each other. The challenges they face and how they conquer them makes for compelling viewing.

Be sure to catch Chuye Dile Mon when it is released in theatres this April. Till then, you can check out the music video for the title track, or the trailer for it, or go to their Facebook page to see other pre-release promotions and features – You will surely be one of many who are waiting in anticipation.



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