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We unknowingly damage our hair thinking that we are taking care of it. In this article, you will find some chores to avoid to protect your hair.

Use of old hair styling tools

Old comb and hair styling tools are very harmful to hair. After using comb and styling tools, it is a must to clean them up every time. Other than this, wash your comb with baking soda and water at least once a month.

Use of tight elastic

Elastic folded in for fabric is the best to tie hair. Thin and synthetic elastic is unsafe for hair. Tying up hair firmly is also harmful to hair. Don’t stretch hair too much wile opening elastic or hair clip.

Using too much chemical

Any kind of chemical is harmful to both skin and hair. Excess color, chemical shampoo, etc. makes hair brittle. Try using fewer chemical products to protect your hair from damage.

Applying Heat

Apply a heat protecting spray every time before using a straightener, hair color or any other heating tools. This maintains moisture which results in less hair fall.

Trim hair end regularly

Creviced end if hair results in week hair. Trim at least half-inch every month. This will give less creviced end and more healthy hair.

Brush hair section by section

Brushing hair from top to bottom, May has torn them.  Divide hair into sections and brush them step by step. Solve the tangles from the bottom and gradually comb the upper portion.

Use of shampoo

Changing shampoo frequently doesn’t give any good results. You can change shampoo on the basis of hair condition.



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