Marvelous Manicure


Nail polish for decorating nail is never new. But nowadays nail became a canvas for artists. The trend of Nail art with various kinds of stones and stickers is very famous. Beauty expert Puja Ghoel provided some tips for nail art.

* Before applying the design, determining the base color is important. It helps to keep the color for a long term. So, it’s essential choosing the best quality base color.

* Using stones on colored nail is very famous these days. You can keep them in collection.

* Special brushes are available in the market for nail art. But, as an alternative, you can use normal thin brushes.

* To play with colors, you can use eye shadow applicator.

* You can use pin or toothpick to apply design on nails. Various tools are available in the market for applying polka dots. These are so expensive. Toothpick or pin is a great alternative to it. Other than this, toothpick can be also used for applying stones on a nail with glue.

* Scotch tape or foil paper for creating the design. After applying the base color, you can apply tape however you want and create your own design.

* Cotton is most important to remove nail polish. Cotton bud is important adjusting nail polish. It is very important for revising or removing extra color around nails.


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