Singer Mehrin has celebrated her birthday in different way with “Shondhani”


An artist Mehrin is flooded with love for people. This time the country’s popular singer has celebrated a totally different birthday by donating her eyes after her death and donated blood from their love.

“I saw my parents at an early age in school, putting eyeglasses on old people. In last year I was able to carry out cataract operation of around a hundreds of people by the contribution of my friends from SHONDHANI.”

“30th October is my birthday, wanted to revel celebration. But her mind wanted to do something different. Uncertainly I said SHONDHANI, would you give me the chance to do good? Something really good for anyone? They accepted.”

“Before I worked with them for blood donation and Eye-Bank. Long years ago brother Saiful from SHONDHANI showed me that their Eye-Bank remains empty most of the time. After going to SHONDHANI’s office at Nilkhet, I truly celebrated my birthday by donating blood and donating eyes after death. And I am feeling satisfied.”

“Only some of my close friends came to this occasion. Moreover, after death remains with us. But my eyes will be alive with someone, in this beautiful world. A sightless person will able to enjoy this beauty. More than that what we want or  we may have.” Singer Mehrin expressed her feelings by smiling.

Mehrin is famous for “Tumi Acho Bole” and “Rajkumar” songs. Forgiving her applause there was Former Ambassador Dr. Afsarul Kader, Rowshon Ara Provost of Rokeya Hall, Freedom fighter and Organizer Ruhel Ahmed Babu, Biplob Shaha Designer of Rang, Singer Shayan and Miner, Poet Anik Khan, Mizanur Rahman Mazumder Central Councilor of SHONDHANI National Eye Donation Society, Professor Dr. Ali Asgar Moral, President Dr. Joynal Abedin, Vice-President Joynul Islam on this occasion.

Reference, the whole occasion was organized by Cool Exposer and Go-Girl and Associated by Diamond World and Rani Steel. Besides, Next 6th November, Friday, 11:00 am, in SHONDHANI’s office at Nilkhet there will be held on Symbolic Eye Donation and Collective exhibition Program. Artists invited all types of people there.


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