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Shourav was getting fat. So, he has been working out for last few days as if he had declared war against him! He I was so excited!

Now he is feeling himself lighter than before. Muscles have seemed well-shaped and less fat in the tummy. Feeling proud of seeing himself in the mirror.

Let’s discover how to get a figure like Shourav:

Stick yourself to the wall. Now slowly sit, like your sitting on a chair. Ensure that your foot won’t move. Stand up after every 10 seconds. Do this for 10-12 times.

Regular exercise will make your abs look great. Now exercise for Waist and Back. Prostrate on a Swiss ball and place your legs against the wall ensuring no movement. Now slowly come down by rolling the ball with your belly and go up.

Stand straight and lean down with your hands on your jugular, the far you can. Do this for 10 times.

Stand straight and move your hand to your left, right, front and back for 12 times. Lay down with your hands behind your head and try to come up. Mark that your legs don’t bend. Do this 8 times.

Keep points in your mind before any kind of exercise.

  1. Have some light food before exercise.
  2. Wear comfortable cloth while exercising.
  3. Do go for heavy long time exercises at the beginning.    Increase your time gradually.
  4. Collect CD or books regarding exercise.

Always remember, regular exercise is really beneficial. Regular exercise solves many problems including increased blood circulation, reduced weight, makes skin healthy, increase immunity, increases work power, reduces mental pressure.


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