Hero of Robin Hood -By Zia makshud


Afzal Khan is a precise person in his life. He works in his own way. He is smart, brilliant and big-hearted person. He started his media work three years back and acted many single drama n serials. he trained acting in “prachhonat acting of school”. he learned Taekwon-do six Dan Black-Belt.  Since one year back he is running a production house named “pet production”.

The most important thing he has a great heart for innocent animals. He is a “robin hood” for them because through many obstacles and complicates situation he saves many street cats and dogs’ life. Since a few years back he started this rescue and giving treatment through his own capability. Afzal said, “I am looking for a safe home for them with a proper veterinary clinic so I need some international support for it”.

His plane in the future for media to work in a film as an action hero and I will work a film in future inshallah with the animals. From that movie, people get the message for stop aware of animals abusing and torture. He said animals are innocents in this world. I want to give message to people that they can love and they are not wild a part of our family and good soul. So I need every one good wish for my future that I can able to my work successfully.


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