Joker fans, it sounds like the Bronx really doesn’t want you to come to those stairs


Not to our surprise, it turns out that you have delightfully strong opinions when it comes to those Joker steps. Yesterday, we posted the tip that the movie’s now-iconic staircase wasn’t built for the production but is an actual Bronx location. Cue clown-tastrophe: Your responses on Facebook and Twitter were voluminous.

There were those who warned off comics nerds from traveling to a rough neighborhood (you don’t know how tenacious comics nerds are). On our FB post, Lisandra Rodiguez writes, “I don’t recommend anyone coming to the Bronx for this. Trust me…” And Yamilet Castillo writes, “If you wanna get robbed then sure. I grew up there all my life and if you ain’t from there, don’t know people from there then don’t be chillin in the hood.”


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