Eldem Faruqi: President, JCI Dhaka East,Senior Manager, Evergreen Trading International Ltd.- Tauhidul Islam Apu


Please tell us something about yourself? How did you start your journey as a professional?

This is EldemFaruqi. When I utter my name, a lot of people around the world frowns at me with curious eyes asking whether the name is real or not. Actually the name have given by my cousin Tanveer Imam. “Eldem” is a Greek word which derived from word “Elthemn” meaning noble boy.

How did you get engaged with JCI Dhaka East? What was your motto to join in JCI Dhaka East?

It’s a long pretty story. My childhood friend Rumana Chowdhury, a designer and owner at Warah who inspired me to join JCI. I was looking for a good networking platform and then she said JCI is your right place to get connected. Initially the conversation took place in a very informal adda at the back of her office in 2013. This is how I started my journey in JCI at the beginning. Despite of being a member of JCI I served as a Director in 2013, as Secretary General in 2014, Vice President in 2015 and then I was elected to serve as a President in 2016 at JCI Dhaka East.










What is the mission and vision of JCI?

JCI Mission: To provide the development opportunities that empower young people to create positive changes.

And JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

How JCI will create impact upon the young generations in our country?

Before jumped into that question directly I would like to say few things about Junior Chamber International (JCI). There are some misconceptions of people that JCI is only work for underprivileged community of the country. Truth is, this is only a part of JCI activities. To accumulate such a huge numbers of young active citizens from around the world JCI offers diversified opportunity for them.

Let’s look it from an individual perspective if someone wants to have a good networking platform then JCI is always a very good opportunity for them. As from different professional platform people get connected here, there are bankers, architects, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers and many more professions under the same umbrella. So it is an immense opportunity to share views and experiences amongst each other and build a strong, outspread networking inside and outside of the country.

This networking opportunity crosses the border every year by turns. There are international conferences held in every year around the globe.  ASPAC (Asia Pacific Area Conference), World Congress, Global partnership summit are most popular amongst our members.  In 2016 ASPAC was held in Taiwan, World Congress in CANADA and Global Partnership summit in USA.

If someone interested in self-development then JCI has a load of things to offer. There are lot of short andmedium courses JCI offers every year which are subject to pass through distant online exam. There are always scopes for participating Public speaking, debate championship not only in national level but also in international platform. Interacting with different people from diversified platform will definitely enhances one’s confidence level to different height.

If someone wants to work for his or her own community, JCI is their breeding place. Every year members of JCI launches new sustainable projects depending on the needs of the community according to ACF (Active citizen framework). So anyone can come up with a viable proposal to help their own community.

The foremost important thing for an individual is exploring leadership quality. If someone wants that, again JCI is the place for him or her.

JCI practices true parliamentary procedure of its election, selection and meetings which includes General membership meetings and as well as General assembly. As this is a member’s organization so member’s opinion are highly valued as well as considered. JCI has over 5000 chapters all over the world and JCI Bangladesh has 12 chapters. Every chapter has their own individual constitution. JCI Bangladesh basically the governing body of all chapters in Bangladesh has also its own constitution to follow.

JCI is Junior Chamber International. Only 18- 40 years old people can have membership in this organization. It’s a learning platform for young individuals. A young individual can change him or herself through this multiple activities and experiences and prepared themselves to serve the nations.

What are the biggest challenges as a President of JCI Dhaka East you faces today?

JCI Dhaka East is apparently the biggest chapters in Bangladesh. It has almost 100 quality members from distinguished platform. We have Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Architects, Bankers, Private Service holders, Government officials. As I have told you earlier this is a members’ organization and secured the members opinion is top in the list. One of the major challenge as a President of JCI Dhaka East is accumulating all the members from a different social background with different ideas and opinion and get them work together. But at the same time this is also one of the interesting job to perform.

What are the upcoming projects of JCI?

Every year, JCI Chapters come up with new ideas of projects based on the need of their communities. For example in 2016 JCI Dhaka East organized a project titled “Better Health Tomorrow” at Mohammadpur Geneva Camp, to raise awareness amongst underprivileged women in order to address their health issues. Around 85 women who participated in the project were shown awareness videos on menstrual health related matters and need assessment survey was conducted covering 60of them. Now for 2017 there are number of projects ideas have received by the board from members. Social bullying and Community cleanliness are the most discussed. The board of 2017 will decide and launch the coming projects.












Can you speak a short history about Evergreen Trading International LTD.?

Evergreen Trading International Ltd.  Basically established in 1995. At that time we established a brand called DADA. This is a Korean Brand. Faucets and showers including all chrome plated fittings for bathroom interiors. Then gradually we segmented our market into two categories. Premium and middle segment.  Under the premium segment we picked renowned Global brand of Bathroom fittings.

For ceramic and bathroom furniture we brought a 200 years old brand from Germany called DURAVIT. World renowned architects like Lord Norman Fosters, Philippe Starck are the designers of Duravit products. Same as another German brand called Hansgrohe. This brand is specialist of showers and faucets.

There are other two flushing mechanism brand from Europe. One is Geberit from Switzerland and another one is Schell from Germany. One is for concealed cistern and another one is for flush valve mechanism.

For the middle segment categories’ we have two Asian brands DADA from Korea and INAX from Japan. Nevertheless we have a kitchen brand from Greece called Pyramis and a door lock and hardware brand from Switzerland called Dorset Kaba. Right now Evergreen Trading International Ltd. is an agent of total eight world renowned brands.












Tell us about current retail market of building materials provider of Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an emerging market in Real Estate Business specially the market related to construction materials still have massive opportunities to grow. New ideas and technologies been adopted and accordingly the market is also flourishing day by day.

In terms of importers, there are maximum numbers of them usually buy from country like China, Thailand or Vietnam. They usually load their containers and bring it to their outlet and sells. It’s the same process they follow once their items get depleted or runs out of stock.

But now there are some importers who introduces international renowned brands agency here in Bangladesh with the promise of excellent services and warranties. Now a day’s clients are giving more values to such kind of products.

Nevertheless there are some local producers also doing extra ordinary business by producing standard materials. This is where actually we should put more consideration to make our market self-sufficient.

Please tell us about the quality of product & Service of Evergreen Trading International LTD.

Evergreen Trading International Ltd. is working with world famous brands, as I discussed earlier. All of these brands are very much cautious about their brand values, uncompromising quality and services in the Global market.

We have also created a number of clients which is basically the niche market. We are very much committed to our clients with the services and quality. Because we believe after sales service is our biggest strength.

Most of the brands that we are dealing with have the business hub in India for the south Asian zone. They supported us with the marketing materials and services.

India organizes a training session every year, where a bunch of specialist trainers come from Europe. And the south Asian countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Bangladesh also send their technicians and expertise for getting them trained up and adopt all new technologies that have been introduced by the principles every year.

We have a strong service department. And we have to send a team every year to that session. This equipped and organized team gives constant services to our clients.

Our company is emphasizing on the green technology products.  We can meet the whole criteria of LEED certifications in water savings. If someone gets the whole solution from us we will ensure the particular points for LEED certifications.

Do you have any advice for someone entering the field?

As I have already shared that this is an emerging market so basically common platform for every competitors to have great opportunities for developing careers. Self-confidence, Loyalty and hard work always pays off as well as passion for the work also determined a person’s career path. I can foresee a vast opportunity to have unbound employment chances and a great deal of business in these markets within coming years.





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