An Exclusive Interview with The Film Director Mr. Amitabh Reza Chowdhury-Reza Khan


Recently the film Aynabaji has been released. Everybody is praising this film highly. This is the time for Aynabaji. This is the time for good films. Recently Mr. Amitabh Reza Chowdhury, the director of this film talked about the film with RokeyaPrachi in an art and entertainment show, planned and produced by Mr. Raju Alim.

After MatirMoyna, Aynabaji surprised us. It seems like our story. We are getting proud of it, we all are owning Aynabaji. What is the reason of that?

People want to identify that the story is about their life. Besides when people view a structure of a story and they feel like it is their structure and they have never seen that structure before; that time, people think that story is actually about themselves. And only then people own a story. This is the main reason. I think that during making a film, most of the time we directors ignore the middle-class society considering that middle class people probably do not go to cinema hall. We film makers don’t make our story. During making film, I don’t follow the custom, the conception and the culture I have. I think making film this way won’t work. If we come out fromthese ‘not going to work, won’t happen’ type of thoughts, we can make a good movie. I believe that, as far as I have studied and watched movies, considering that I think, I would tell the story believing my own talent and conception. And only then people of the country will accept it.

It is your first film.  Going so close to the dream, like checkmating in first film, Reaching people’s doorsteps in first film, how are you feeling?

– I don’t think that making this first film is a checkmate for me. I tried to tell my story. Perhaps viewers had their interest in this type of stories. I think every film maker need some time for ascension.  I have huge time to further. It is just a beginning. People are watching my movie. So they will stumble to watch my next movie, I don’t think so. I will make that movie again the story of which movie I want to tell again. I will come up with another new story. Then you will see, some people will watch the movie whereas some will criticize the film. Many people criticized Aynabaji also, they didn’t like it. They are criticizing and it is normal. It is reality and we have to move forward with this Dialectic in our life. For as a first film, obviously I am very grateful to the viewers, to the folks who worked with me and to my entire crew who worked very hard. You are seeing fine cinematography and this is only because of them and Mr. Rashed Zaman. Brilliant editing by Mr. Iqbal Kabir Juel and excellent writing of dialogs screenplay by Anam Biswas and Adnan Adib Khan  have been done. And mainly this is Syed Gaosul Alam Shaon‘s story. Aynabaji is an expression of conception of many people like that.











As the director of the fim, tell us about the performance of Chanchal Chowdhury, Masuma Rahman Nabila, Lutfur Rahman George and GousulAlamShaon.

– Brother George is a brilliant actor. Chanchal Chowdhury, Nabila, Partho, Brindabon Das, Sajib- all performers together put their only focus on making a good movie.

How do you feel seeing 10/12 screening of the film as a director?

 – 12 in Cineplex, 10 in Jamuna.

Once, people didn’t come to cinema hall. But now they are coming. How are you feeling about it?

– I am feeling strange. How much good I am feeling, can’t make you understand that. I forget everything after watching people clapping happily in a houseful hall. When viewers tell me, “we want to watch this type of movies more, thanks a lot”, a liability just comes automatically in my mind to do something better. There are many small halls where some viewers always go to watch movie. No doubt is there about it. Viewers are always there.












I believe that our brilliant film makers, crews don’t convey the cinema to their viewers that way. After reaching people, they will decide that movie is either good or bad. Reaching the viewers doorstep is the challenge. And the middle way is about marketing distribution- hasn’t this professionalism grown here?

-In real, how many people own the film? The director makes the movie and a company produces it. A ‘Producer’ doesn’t mean that he has lots of money. He/she maybe bring the money from his/her friends, some other people or film’s producer even didn’t give money by himself. He has invested money along with his friends. What Shaon did is accommodated us. My producers didn’t watch anything before releasing the movie. In the last two years they didn’t even want to know how we were making the film. We got 100% independence here. It is very important. Besides they helped in film marketing. You know that we went to stadium with different marketing policy. It is a new-fashioned marketing policy. Shaon is getting us connected with many halls in Bangladesh. Producers worked on poster designing. This conception is seen everywhere. We know our ambidextrous writer Syed ShamsulHaque wrote remarkable cinema scripts once. It means there must be a culture in entire film world. The culture of creativity have to be cultivated in producer level also. Without this entire package, making a creative film is impossible. Due to the absence of this culture we often watch copied or one type of formula-based movies. Our viewers are most intelligent. They understand everything.  Fooling them isn’t that




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