Brain Share By: Md. Rajaul Karim, M.Pharm, MBA Pharmaceutical Business Development, Marketing & Sales Specialist


Market share, Prescription share, Wallet share, etc. all are known terminologies in marketing, especially for Pharmaceutical Marketing. But ‘Brain Share’ may be an important terminology for marketing as well as Production, Human Resources, and Sales team. It’s more important and more challenging to take Brain Share from the people. I have been using the terminology from the very beginning of my marketing career (2006).  Even I placed an analysis of brain share in front of my supervisor. It’s not too tough to understand. But its analysis and implementation are challenging.

It’s pretty common to hear “I love you with all my feelings. There is none who never told or listen to this dialogue in their lifetime at least for a single time or Baba, study with full concentration”. I bless you from the core of my heart. Oh! My discussion is going somewhere else. Actually, it’s not like that. We’ve often brought out the reference of mind, soul, and heart. But those people who are right now in a mental hospital or the people who were associated with murdering, do they really have a heart?

My personal belief is that there is nothing like mind but everything is the brain. And the brain means the game of neurons. So the big challenge is to take to the full share of the brain. Our brain is divided into different parts everywhere like in house, office or school. There is no way to justify the full share of the brain because we don’t know whether our kids using their full share of the brain, our wives using properly their brain share or our staff working with concentration.

It’s high time to think about the brain share. Yes, in some cases where people work with machines they have to be alert all the time. So, they are utilizing full brain share. There is no alternative to success unless utilizing a full brain. The brain can learn, the brain can recall and can control our memory, emotions. We have to ensure maximum share from the brain.

Case 1:

Mr. Shihab is now working as Managing Director in XYZ Company. He found that the sales of the company are continuously decreasing and Company ranking is going down and down. He then arranged a meeting with his sales heads and gave them the ultimatum of three months. If the sales trend won’t be regained the responsible people will be fired.

Case 2:

Mr. Rajab works at a renowned readymade garment company as Head of HR. In the last 15 days, about 250 people resigned from different positions. The Head of operations asked him to clarify the reasons for the high manpower turnover. But the Head of HR had nothing to say. He has taken time to find out the real causes and was committed to submit a report to the head of Admin by the next 15 days.

Case 3:

Ms. Shirin Akter, a housewife and mother of one son and only daughter. Her husband works in a multi-national company. She just takes breakfast and goes to her mother’s house nearby. She didn’t take care of her children and family. 

Case 4:

Ms. Rita, a school teacher, gates up early in the morning. Prepare breakfast for her son, daughter, and husband. She is a good teacher and all the students and her colleagues loved her very much.

Case 5:

Mr. Raihanul Alam Chowdhury, a famous political figure, going to take part in the next parliamentary election. He is more than busy with his political campaign. He is trying to win in the coming election. He had avoided all of his family functions who are not happy at all.

Now all five cases stated above are different from each other. Everyone is doing his or her job with their own interest, logic, and explanation. Are they doing or trying by heart and soul? Now come to the point. Where is the heart and where his soul? All we are working with heart? What is the role of the heart in doing a job very carefully? Don’t we stand on a wrong theory?

The heart is a pumping machine that circulates and receives blood throughout and from the body. It helps to exchange Oxygen through Lung and distributes nutrients to cells. It also helps to expel carbon dioxide from the body. What about Soul? Where does it stands or reside in the body? Is it in the heart or is it in the brain?

When anybody has been shot on the heart or any heart fails to pump sufficient blood to the body, then the person dies within 2-3 minutes. But if a leg, hand or part of the body is paralyzed then still the heart is pumping. But that paralyzed part doesn’t function properly in spite of having a better heart condition. Still, it’s a controversy about the MIND? Where does it reside? The researcher can think about it. But it’s very easy and simple that your Brain is prime to upright the modest civilization. If we couldn’t process the data with our brain we couldn’t be the human.

What we have discussed in five cases. All we work by our brain which is composed of Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Limbic System and Brain Stem.

The nervous system is the body’s decision and communication center. The central nervous system (CNS) is made of the brain and the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system (PNS) is made of nerves. Together they control every part of our daily life, from breathing and blinking to helping memorize facts for a test. Nerves reach from the brain to face, ears, eyes, nose, and spinal cord… and from the spinal cord to the rest of the body.

Sensory nerves gather information from the environment; send that info to the spinal cord, which then speeds the message to the brain. The brain then makes sense of that message and fires off a response. Motor neurons deliver the instructions from the brain to the rest of the body. The spinal cord, made of a bundle of nerves running up and down the spine, is similar to a superhighway, speeding messages to and from the brain at every second.

The cerebral cortex is highly wrinkled. Essentially this makes the brain more efficient because it can increase the surface area of the brain and the number of neurons within it.

So, if we want more output from a person we need to take more shares from the brain. At a time brain works with multiple files. Multi-tasking reduces. There are lots of triggers or cofactor that reduce the efficiencies of the brain. When people think only one issue they can more concentrate which is already proved.

Nowadays people are busy multitasking. Their brains are divided into thousands or millions of fragments. Very recently I heard a peculiar story from one of my friends. The human being is the most complicated creature in the earth. So their brain is too much complicated.

Some very common ways to take full brain share from people-

  1. Making them fully understand what we told or what we want
  2. We should repeat the sentences, guidelines or instructions (If needed)
  3. Giving freedom to utilize their own brain
  4. Giving enough time to think about the issues
  5. Taking regular feedback on the task
  6. Conducting regular Psychological survey for measuring ownership, fellow feeling, dedication, and devotion
  7. Meeting their need, want and demand as per company policy or convincing them about their situation
  8. Giving proper time to family members and society
  9. Finding a real cause and giving strategic solution rather a functional solution

Mr. Shamson H. Chowdhury, Founder Chairman of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. told: “Happy worker is the best worker”. They can give their 100% brain to the task. Like-wise, in every sector, we need to ensure the 100% utilization of the brain. We need not bother about market share. If we could take the persons’ brain share market share will be achieved automatically.


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