1st Falgun: Beginning of Vernal Love By: Anika Fowzia


“In the Breeze of Spring, my friend,

In the Breeze of Spring,

The fragrance of flower from a friend’s house

Flows to my place,

My friend, in the Breeze of Spring…!”

Really… a stunningly beautiful nectareousscent is created a vernal muse naturally during the Spring. The amiable vernal devoted touch of nature brings an outline dishboisterousness in our life. 1stFalgun get us the delightful arrival message of Spring saying the Winter goodbye. The magnificent combination of 1stFalgun and Valentine’s Day makes a wonderful moment which we enjoy every year. Our surroundings remain filled with colorful Palash, Shimul, Krishnachura… the dulcet ‘Kuhu’ sound of cuckoo bird and

pleasing wind dangle in the heart every time. So we get lost in the catching engrossed adorned nature of our loving and beautiful Bangladesh. And with the colorful touch of the Spring, we also adorn ourselves the way we wish to.

Several kinds of saree, salwar-kamiz, fotua (jerkin), frock, kurta, kaftan, tops, skirt, jeans, leggings, palazzo, koti (waistcoat), Thin shawl, long gown, different styled shoes, bags, etc have arrived for women fashion. Matte makeover including matte foundation and lipstick of

yellow, orange, reddish or peach color perfectly suits the theFalgun adornment. Using moisturizer after washing face well can’t be forgotten. And then tip (bindiya) brings an extra elegance.hair can be set as messy or lightly tied up. Jewelry of clay, flowers or other ornaments and Bangles give a complete vernal look. Men can wear pajama-Punjabi, fotua, semi-long Punjabi, half-sleeved shirt, Polo or T-shirt or Kabuli kurta.

Actually adorning artificially less needed whereas Mother Naturebountifullyengulfsglow of innumerable colors with the resilient enchanting touch of the Spring. So it is the way it is… Let yourself get lost in the vernal austral breeze of the Falgun.








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