Aniqa Alam By: Annika Fowzia


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Tell us the story behind your achieving this position today. How did you get inspired to become a makeup artist?

Aniqa Alam: I’ve always felt that makeup was something very personal. As such, I never liked anyone else doing makeup on me and chose to do my own makeup and try out new techniques in the process. I started watching makeup videos on youtube since 2009 and tried to recreate several looks on myself. I would often do my friends’ makeovers as well. When I was living in Los Angeles, I realized I was in the makeup hub of the world and took several makeup courses to further my skills. I couldn’t work as a makeup artist full time because I was also completing my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the time. But I often freelanced as a makeup artist in LA and absolutely loved the satisfaction it gave me to make someone look beautiful and feel happy with the power of makeup.

When did you decide to be a professional makeup artist?

Aniqa Alam: While I was living in LA and studying Political Science, I started working for the mayor of Los Angeles. It was a very interesting job, but something about being stuck in an office and dealing with paperwork all day, made me realize that it wasn’t for me. That’s when I decided to pursue my other passion and become a makeup artist.

Which part do you personally like to do in overall makeup?
Aniqa Alam: I love everything about makeup and especially how good it makes you feel. I like everything starting from going to a makeup store, testing the products, buying them, bringing them home, experimenting with them and so on and so forth. But on a client, my favorite thing to do is the eyes, because they make the biggest statement. Other than that, I also Love highlighting.

Who is your favorite makeup artist?

Aniqa Alam: This is always a difficult answer for me because there are so many to pick from and I love different aspects of each of their works. So I’ll have to name at least a few: Alina, Chloe, Sadiiyah, Tamanna, Nikkie.

Which one is your favorite makeup brand?

Aniqa Alam: Again, a very difficult question. I really like Chanel, Nars, Too Faced, Makeup Forever… and the list goes on.


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