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 Tell us the story behind your achieving this position today. How did you get inspired to become a makeup artist?

Ashfi Onadi:Basically like many other teenage girls I was also into makeup, Fashion and styling myself in different looks and it was really fascinating to me also there are some amazing Makeup Artist and Beauty gurus/Youtubers who inspired me and this is how I started my Facebook blog page at the end of 2014 which is called ‘Makeup and Beauty with Ashfi’ just to share my passion with the world and yes by time I learned more and got appreciation from my page Followers.

When did you decide to be a professional makeup artist?

Ashfi Onadi: After getting an amazing response from people I started taking my makeup art as a profession and arranged my own studio. Throughout my journey, I got Reorganization as an MUA and Beauty Fashion Blogger from Events, Managements, Companies, Brands, Radio, TV shows & other Media also. It took a few years and lots of experiences to be here and I still have such a long way to go and learn so many things.

Which part do you personally like to do in overall makeup?

Ashfi Onadi: The best part about makeup is by Using only a few products and correct techniques you can totally enhance someone’s beauty and make them look Flawless & Perfect which boost up confidence level also and there is always new tricks and amazing product creations which keep you interested in your work which is pretty much fun.

Who is your favorite makeup artist?

Ashfi Onadi: I have so many favorite makeup artists it will be really hard for me to pick one but there are few who have a big place in my heart and I totally adore their work. They are the- Glam Theory byPreanka, Mario Dedivanovic, Goar Avetisyan and beauty by Carli Bybel.

Which one is your favorite makeup brand?

Ashfi Onadi: My favorite brands are L’Oréal,e.l.f., Urban Decay, Colour Pop, Milaniohk and so on. I can say 10 more names but I am stopping here.


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