Nuzuma Sama By: Anika Fowzia


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 Tell us the story behind your achieving this position today. How did you get inspired to become a makeup artist?

NuzumaSama: I’ve been obsessed with watching Youtube videos for almost 5-6 years now. I could spend hours at a stretch watching makeup tutorials; it was a way for me to isolate myself from the hardships & struggles of life. Soon enough I was buying a bunch of makeup items & practicing the looks on myself. Eventually, I realized that the tutorials I watched were mostly created by people with very different features &skin tone than mine; & it didn’t really seem that flattering on me. So I started to experiment & tweak the looks to make them more appropriate for me & enhance my Bengali features more. So in 2014, I decided to open up a Youtube channel called ‘Makeup magic with Nuz’, where I can create the perfect fusion of international standard makeup techniques & our unique Bengali/ South-East Asian style makeup, that would compliment us the best.

When did you decide to be a professional makeup artist?

NuzumaSamaWell, I still can’t claim to be a professional makeup artist yet, as I don’t have any professional training in this field, but I am determined to get one soon & open up my makeup studio.

 Which part do you personally like to do in overall makeup?

NuzumaSamaEye makeup is my personal favorite! In fact, I got drawn into makeup because of it.  Since my early days, I always loved to experiment and play around with makeup and that passion still continues.

Who is your favorite makeup artist?

NuzumaSamaMy favorite makeup artist has to be Jaclyn Hill. I think she is super talented & highly skilled. Apart from her I really adore Kathleen Lights, she is hands down my favorite Youtuber!

Which one is your favorite makeup brand?

NuzumaSamaI actually prefer different brands for different items, but if I had to choose one I would probably go for Too Faced cosmetics because I am an eyeshadow fanatic &I absolutely love too faced eyeshadow palettes & their super cute packaging.


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