Raisa Naushin By: Anika Fowzia


Youtube: Raisa Naushin


Facebook: Makeover by Raisa Naushin

Link– https://www.facebook.com/makeovernaushin/

Instagram: raisa naushin

Link– https://www.instagram.com/raisanaushin/


Tell us the story of your journey as a makeup artist. Especially how did you get inspired to choose this thing?

Raisa Naushin: I always love creativity. I started by applying Henna when I was 9 years old. Then I became interested in makeup by watching Youtube tutorial videos and start practicing at my 12 makeup. Thus I started makeup professionally at 15 years old and became a makeup artist.

Which part do you personally like to do in overall makeup?

Raisa Naushin: I love doing eye makeup personally. I do several types of eye makeup. I always prefer light makeup most. When it comes to the customers, I love to make Cut-Crease eye makeup.

How is your customers’ response?

Raisa Naushin: I think without their good response, I couldn’t come my today’s position.

Which one is your favorite makeup brand?

Raisa Naushin: L’Oréal is overall a best and affordable brand. But I also use other renowned branded products.

What about hairstyles? Do you work on this and make Youtube videos on it besides makeup?

Raisa Naushin: Well I do hairstyles also. But I haven’t made any Youtube tutorials on hairstyle yet. Still, I have made 11 makeup tutorials. But I will give a hairstyle tutorial in my next video.

On Valentine’s Day and Party, which look you prefer most?

Raisa Naushin: When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we people basically go out with someone special. So I prefer using neutral color eye-shadow on the eye instead of intense color with smokey eyes style. It gives a glamorous look. And red lipstick will be perfect with this makeup. And when it comes to party makeup, I always prefer using a lot of glitter.


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