“……(NAME OF WINNER)” was named the first Miss Universe Bangladesh 2019 on Wednesday. Born on “(Date/Month/Year)”, out of the top 10, “(Winners Name)” came first and was crowned by Ms. Sushmita Sen in front of an excited crowd in Dhaka. The “(….Age)” year-old student is from the district (…….). She has both social & career-related ambitions.

This is the first time Miss Universe Bangladesh has been organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The journey started from when the registration began at the end of July 2019. The first round started with 12,000+ registrations then the elimination process started and then over the past three months of boot camp a winner was finally chosen.

“Miss Universe Bangladesh”, the franchise owner for Bangladesh Miss Universe, is a consortium between RIZ events, Off Track & Trilogy. Mr. Rizwan Bin Farouq is the Chairman of Miss Universe Bangladesh and Mr. Sohel A Chaklader Duke, Mr. Shafik Islam & Mr. Mithun Zaman are Directors of the Company.

Miss Universe Bangladesh will be the brand ambassador of Bangladesh as she will compete with 130 country participants in the 63rd Miss Universe in the USA this December and I am sure she will do very well”, said Mr. Rizwan Bin Farouq, Chairman, Miss Universe Bangladesh.


Judges of this grand event were Ms. Sushmita Sen, Bollywood Actor, Mr. Tahsan Khan, Singer, Ms. Kaniz Almas, Managing Director, Persona, Ms. Tootli Rahman, President, Bangladesh Heritage Craft, Ms. Rubaba Dowla, Founder, Pulse Health Care, Ms. Farzanah Chowdhury, Managing Director, Green Delta Insurance, Mr. Rafiul Islam, Managing Director, Flora Bank, Dr. Zareen Delawar Hussain, Mr. Athar Ali Khan, Former Cricketer/Commentator, Star Faruque, Former Miss Ventura County California & Johnson County USA.


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