Engr. Enamul Haque, MP, 55 Rajshahi 4, Bagmara Chairman, Ena Group By: Raju Alim


Enamul Haque is a multi-talented man. He is an engineer at the same time he is a parliament member of the Rajshahi 04 electoral area. Engineer Enamul Haque is also an   enthusiastic entrepreneur. He has established Ena Group to make an economically capable Bangladesh by reducing the unemployment problem. He has employed thousands of people through his business wing.

Bangladesh is in the Highway of Development. We want to know your evaluation regarding Bangladesh’s economic and infrastructural development.

 Eng. Enamul Haque MP: Bangladesh is advancing and I think it becomes the largest investment sustaining country in South Asia by reducing poverty and taking highly ambitious projects with the leadership of honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Many business giants of the world become interested to invest here. The roadmap of Bangladesh’s development will be clear by a few examples. Our GDP was 6.5 just after 2009. It jerked the whole world. This year GDP growth will be 7.2. Our average earning was only 625$ but currently, it is 1450/1500$. Many big projects like Padma Bridge and power plants are going to establish by the leadership of Prime Minister. The poverty level is reduced from 42% to 22% in the village. And the number of poor and ultra-poor reduced to 12% which hadn’t possible for the last ten years. Almost ten core people have overcome the poverty level in the last century. Among them, two cores from Bangladesh. Actually Bangladesh becomes a role model of development.

Once Bangabandhu said that Bangladesh’s Liberation depends on Economic Freedom. How can we relate economic development with infrastructure?

Engr. Enamul Haque MP: Bangladesh became independent with the eagerness of becoming free from hunger and everyone would enjoy an equal share of the economy. This was the only desire when Bangladesh formed by the leadership of Bangabandhu. Surprisingly within the 3.5 years of liberation, this eagerness of equal rights had tried to change through the assassination of Bangabandhu and lead Bangladesh into the opposite direction for a long time. Again Bangladesh started to run Democratically when Sheikh Hasina became Prime Minister. Works had started for the sake of people. Good governance prevailed besides social development. The judicial department became free and even Awamileague leaders also go under law enforcement agencies when we came in power. The honorable Prime Minister also planned for the entire country’s development. She is not only a politician but also a philosopher too. She has made 100 economic zones throughout the country based on the economic importance of the place. Payra Bandor again came in operation. Ganga Barrage will be made to enrich South Bangla. The overall development of the country is happening by ensuring large projects. I want to specially mention North Bangla. Once it was said that the people of Rajshahi used to be the victim of Monga. Today the word ‘Monga’ has gone to the museum. Nowadays nobody can be found without feeding. There is Bangabandhu Bridge for North Bengal and a special economic zone is making to cover Sirajgong and Rajshahi. 

You’re the parliament member of Rajshahi-4. The lifestyle level of the Rajshahi people has developed. More employment is creating through your entrepreneurship like Ena Group, Ena Transportation and Northern Power Generation in Rajshahi.

Engr. Enamul Haque MP: we must do entire development. It should not be confined within Dhaka only. I’m doing work in the housing sector. Once there was a belief that the housing concept is only for Dhaka. But the situation changes. Nowadays, housing is growing everywhere like Rajshahi, Sylhet, and Khulna. Pressure on Dhaka is reducing automatically due to rural development. But Rajshahi is still lag

behind in respect of industrialization. By this time, the Honorable Prime Minister has given gas connection through the pipeline to northern Bengal. Surplus electricity has already arrived and there is another power plant that is going to set up in Rajshahi. Per capita will grow if Northern Bengal moves to industrialization. There will be another parallel bridge beside Bangabandhu Bridge. This project has already sanctioned in ECNEC. The container can be possible to carry out regularly. More industries can be set up and unemployment will reduce. Bangabandhu wanted overall development which is carrying out by Sheikh Hasina.

What can be done to inspire entrepreneurs of little and medium industry of North Bengal?

Engr. Enamul Haque MP: Rajshahi is an agriculture-based area. Most of them are associated with agriculture. Private banks are not yet reached remote areas. Their activities are very poor. The future of Bangladesh depends on agriculture. More supply gas needs to be ensured for the Rajshahi area along with more agriculture-based industry should be setup. A rail bridge is going to set up beside Bangabandhu Bridge which is also important. Works of special economic zones should be finished. There are many untouched sides in North Bengal like poultry and vegetable processing. If we can convert Rajshahi airport into international, we can easily move to Dubai and Singapore. In that case, the infrastructure should be developed.

We’ve often seen that entrepreneurs don’t use approved loans properly. In that case, financers are going backward. What is your opinion regarding this?

Engr. Enamul Haque MP: it is a previous culture. But we’re now coming out from default loan culture. The government is working hard over this issue. In the case of policymakers, private sectors have to invest in localities. If we can ensure it step by step, our economy will be advanced.


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