Chiffon for Autumn by: Tahmina Amin Khan


Whatever the occasion is, Saree has to be the top priority for every Bengali woman. Time and trends couldn’t change the attraction for saree. Tangail, Jamdani, Silk, Moshlin, etc. are the names for traditional sarees of our country. Nowadays Net, Tissue, Jorjet, and Chiffon sarees are quite famous among the style of sensitive girls and women.

Among these Chiffon has been used for a long time. This fabric is quite comfortable as it is light and soft. Chiffon sarees are available in the market with both heavy and light designs. This saree can be chosen on the basis of occasion type. Be cautious about the designs while buying saree. You can choose rather you want design on the chest or on waist. Chiffon saree is kind of see-through but with these tips below you can wear a Chiffon saree properly.

 Choosing the blouse properly can solve much of the see-through problem. Avoiding contrast blouses will a good idea. Put on blouse match with the color of your chosen saree. Ask your tailor to make the blouse a bit longer than normal. The small neckline and three-quarter sleeves of blouse will be suitable. Now let’s know talk about the accessories. Chiffon is a bit different from the Bengali tradition. Thus it can be mix and match with a western twist. On the other hand, traditional jewelry will look gorgeous as well. The choice should be decent and bold. For example, if you put on heave earring or a blouse with heave work, better avoid heave necklace.  On the other hand, the small top earring will look good with a heavy necklace.

Pay a good attention to make up. If you are choosing a dark-colored saree, put on nude-shaded makeup. The same colored make-up will look unbefitting.

Place and price

Chiffon is a fabric from foreign. Thus a bit tough to find out the dress and sarees of Chiffon fabric. Shopkeepers of New-market and Gausia will put some Indian fabric and clam it as Chiffon. Most of making mistake while choosing between Chiffon and Jorjet. Jorjet is thick and grained fabric. While Chiffon is thin and soft fabric.

The price of Chiffon varies on the basis of work, quality, and type. It can be found with Tk 2,000 to Tk 15,000. But be very careful while purchasing chiffon saree. Check it well and chose the proper design for yourself.

Pay attention to the petticoat too. Choose fabric and design according to the color and design of the saree. The fabric should be heavy enough. Avoid fish-cut and make petticoat with long width.

Hand-work, Karchupi or Aplic work makes Chiffon saree heavy. You can choose saree with designs at the chest and waistline. Chiffon and Moshlin mix sarees are now available in the market. These are good for those who want to totally avoid the see-through problem.


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