Fashion A Silent endorsement in Style & Fashion: FABRICS AND CLOTHING


A silent journey in the Fashion industry has been shaped in a glorious achievement on the history of Bangladesh. There are many Fashion houses in Clothing and Fabric markets playing a pivotal role, leading tremendous in dominating this industry and the choice of young and Next Gen. It’s a hope and relief for the Nation with the new sources of income-generating machines for the country’s GDP and GNP.

Once upon a time in Bangladesh, the people were used to wear a dress only made at home or tailoring houses. Trendy dresses were very uncommon and usually imported from foreign countries, so costly as well as unavailable too. Now the scenario has completely been changed in a series of slow and steady growth in this industry. Only some aristocrat family managed to wear such expensive fashionable dress, and seemed it’s their birth rights. With the rapid changes of time, trend, and taste, it’s now affordable to the middle class due to products are made of our own country. Pride and sense of belongingness now combine in a tolerable atmosphere among the clients, the Retailers with the producers themselves.

The invention of industrial machinery like as sewing and weaving the machine, power generator, production techniques, globalization, and marketing policies create a level playing ground among the fashion industries in a competitive business environment.

Since the price of fashion commodities reaches the mass people’s choices, desire, budget range, and the fashion houses appoint Creative designers with models, in delivering new lucrative products to survive in the competitive market within themselves. No outsiders can’t dominate this business as it has happened before. A blooming Fashion market nurturing by ideas and Creative design now acts together in hand to hand alike threads in the sewing machine. At every festival in Bangladesh, people of all ages dream of styling to wear fashionable items since the price range of fashionable dress became within the range and affordable. Let’s look atthose prominent fashion houses of the country along with their products.


Aarong is a pioneer fashion house in Bangladesh. It is a sister concern of BRAC and established in Bangladesh after the liberation war to improve the socio-economic conditions of rural poor people. The word Aarong means ‘village fair’ and it was formed to uphold native culture, heritage, crafts and styles to empower rural artisans. Usually, they made a co-operative group, train up poor villagers especially women and collect their crafts to merchandise. They organize it as a social responsibility. Consumers can purchase their lucrative products from their retail outlets or online shop simultaneously.

Launching Time: 1978

Organizer: Ayesha Abed

Address: Aarong center, 346, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208

Product types:


The traditional or western wearer, executive shirts, T‐shirts, Panjabi-pajama, maanja, fatua, lungi, Scarves &Uttorio, short kurta, stoles shawls, leather sandals/ shoes/ pouch/ bag/ belt, etc.


Shalwar-Kameez, saree, Wedding dress, scarf, kurti, nightwear, Dupatta,Taaga, leather shoes/purse/bags, shawls scarves, tops, pants, etc.


All kinds of kids wear like Skirt Top, Pant Top, Gift Set, Kantha, Nima, Frock, Newborn baby, Shoes, Toys, etc.

Jewelry Products:

Gold, Silver, Pearl, wooden and other ornaments


Handicraft, Household accessories, Nokshi Katha, Gift Items, Antic items, Ceramics, toys, herbal cosmetics, pottery, paintings, Home Textile, Furniture etc.

Vasabi Fashions Ltd.

Vasabi is a famous clothing line of our industry and has covered almost all the fields of fashion and lifestyle. Vasabi holds many fashion shows to upheld its experimented designs among the customers. It holds our traditional dresses including the festival garments to its gallery. It also brought out fashion accessories and jewelry matching with their collection.

Address: Vasavi Fashions Ltd. CWS (C), 18 South Avenue, Gulshan-01, Dhaka.

Product Type: Wedding Sherwani, Women’s clothing, Men clothing, Children, Bridal Clothing, Couture, Jewellery, Accessories, and Celebrity Clothing.


The word BanglarMela means ‘village fair’. BanglarMela is one of the exclusive fashion houses in our country to uphold the local hand-loom, craft, culture, and heritage. It was formed to provide a new impression to fashion-conscious people. They always give priority to focusing on local fabrics and heritage during product creation. Their main object is to enlighten mass people’s lives by stylish and comfortable designs at affordable prices.

Launching Time: 1st May 2001

Organizer: EmdadHoque

Address: Banani, Road#11, House#55, AvanirBanani, Dhaka 1213.

Product Types: Shalwar-Kameez, Kurta, Saree, Shirt, Fatua, Panjabi-pajama, Wedding dress, Tops, Kid’s Wear, Handicraft, Pottery, household accessories, Bag, Nokshi Katha, Gift Items, Home Textile, etc.


Anjan has introduced a new impression in the fashion business from its launching period. Anjan has reached the place in mass people’s minds by delivering lucrative stylish products. At the time of launching, Anjan’s had only two workers but now they have nearly one thousand workers along with 70 officials. They always give priority to the rural community especially females and improving their skills by providing training. Their main object is to deliver the finest quality of fashion items with competitive prices to consumers.

Launching Time: 15th February 1994

Organizer: Shaheen Ahmed

Address: Khan Villa, 34/B, Chowdhury Para, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Products type: Shalwar-Kameez, Fatua, Kurti, Saree, Nightwear, Tops, Shawls/Scarves, Shoes, Wedding dress, Panjabi-pajama, Maanja, Shirt, Kid’s Wear, Gift Items, Handicraft, household accessories, Home Textile, etc.


“Sadakalo” means black and white. Sadakalo brand established to deliver something special with the combination of two monochrome colors “Black and White”. Sadakalo has proved that aesthetic fashion wearer can be made with the help of only two colors. One is black and another is white. Their main motto is to produce fascinated fashion goods for consumers by matching the black and white colors.

Launching Time: 4th October 2002

Organizer: TahsinaShahin

Address: Dhanmondi, 351, Rifles Square (3rd Floor), Road-02, Dhaka.

Product Type: Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, Fashion Accessories, Household Accessories, Gift Items, Books Home Textiles, etc


Rang is another top leading fashion house in Bangladesh. It is an exclusive fashion brand to patronize the local hand-loom and handicraft industry. The word rang means enlightens something by color. Their main motto is to make visible our traditional heritage by colorful painting on clothing. Hence, they organize some aesthetic designers to establish a new trend in the fashion arena. Rang has a keen interest to do an experiment by fabrics and colors while developing fashion items for consumers.

Launching Time: 1994

Organizer: BiplobSaha

Address: House-96, Lake Drive Road, Sector-7, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230.

Products type: Shalwar-Kameez, Fatua, Saree, Tops, T-Shirt, Panjabi-pajama, Kurta, Handicraft, showpiece, household accessories, Bag,

Nokshi Katha etc.


Bibiana is an exclusive fashion house in Bangladesh with superior fabric and arty design. Bibiana merchandises a wide range of stylish collections by providing high quality, color impression, modern shape and festive look for men, women as well as kids. Their main goal is to offer the finest quality of fashion items with competitive prices to consumers.

Launching Time: 1st November 2001

Organizer: LipiKhandoker

Address: Dhanmondi, Road No-5, House No-6, Ground Floor (Near Central Hospital),

Product Types: Men’s Panjabi-pajama, Gents Fatua, Shirt, Shawl, Sherwani, Sandal, Jacket, Lungi, etc.


Women’s: Shalwar-Kameez, Ladies Fatua, Saree, Shawl, Dopatta, tops, skirt, lagenga.

Kids: All kinds of kids wear

Jewelry Products: Gold, Silver, Pearl, wooden and other ornaments

Others: Handicraft, household accessories, Nokshi Katha, gift items, pottery, Home Textile, etc.

Gentle Park

Gentle Park is a creative and exceptional fashion house in Bangladesh. It is born to bring a conspicuous newness in fashion for the young to help them keep pace with the ever-changing fashion wave across the globe. Gentle Park produces all sorts of fashionable men, women & kids as well as essential accessories. It has been leading the fashion trend of the youths in the country for many years. Gentle Park dreams to be an international brand icon in the domain of fashion. Therefore, it is trying to extend its business area to fulfill the rising demands of its products.

Address: Gentle Park, Ahmed Tower (9th Floor), 28-30 Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Product Type: Slim Fit T-Shirt, Casual Shirt Full, Formal Shirt Full, Polo Shirt Half, T-Shirt, Cotton Pant, Denim Pant, Formal Pant, and Kids dress.

Shwapno Life

ACI group is one of the largest conglomerates in the country with businesses in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, consumer products, etc. However, SHWAPNO is a business unit of ACI logistics. SHWAPNO is the largest retail company in Bangladesh currently holding a share of 35% of the retail industry. Inaugurated in 2008, SHWAPNO now has over 46 outlets and 1600 employees spread across the country. SHWAPNO enjoys a higher amount of market share than its competitors such as Agora and Meena bazaar. Shwapno Life is a sister concern of ACI Logistics. It is basically focused in Dhaka with Life. There is a multiple formats of operating. Where there is sufficient space to accommodate lifestyle, there is Life. Everything in our daily lifestyle is available at Shawpno Lifestyle. Fashion items including clothing both festive and seasonal collections are available at Shawpno Lifestyle.

Problems of the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is a highly competitive industry in Bangladesh and around the world. Demand in a fashion very often, making it very risky areas for business. Although, many companies have strengthened their business in this industry but they have to constantly focus on changing designs, looks, focus and keep customizing their product to continue fashion business.


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