The Pages Journey By: Tauhidul Islam Apu


A team of spontaneous young forces came together to do something new and something innovative. They believe small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas. So with this belief in mind and heart, Mr. Tauhidul Islam Apu came forward to take the challenge of fulfilling his long-cherished dream publishing ‘The Pages’ in March 2014. With the corporate background, Mr. Apu believes business is the fuel of the society or country to make a strong economic platform, and nothing can possibly in this world without the strength of money even developing the level of lifestyle. Therefore The Pages always gives priority to different business sectors of Bangladesh and covered interviews on the most prominent business personalities whose outstanding performance and contribution make Bangladesh a new economic power. At the same time, The Pages always focuses on those political figures of our country whose dedication and devotion give Bangladesh international fame in different fields like industry and commerce, culture, IT, sports and electricity. The Pages always believe that a country can never solely be developed on the wheel of strong economic platform, rather it also depends on the strong cultural background. Consequently, The Pages gives focus on those cultural figures whose fidelity continuously facilitate Bangladesh to be culturally rich. We’re constantly introducing various sorts of business-related issues so that our readers can be in touch with the rapid changes taking place in the contemporary business climate.

‘Lifestyle’ is another of our important segment,  where we try our level best to present the recent trend and news of the fashion world.

Our main motto is to present the most up-to-date events and occasions to our readers. We give priority on ‘fusion work’ so that our readers can be in touch with revolutionary changes in fashion, design, makeup, healthcare, beauty, hair, recipe and above all the subject matters associated with our daily affairs. Moreover, we also prioritize covering the national and international festivals and celebrated days, important events, workshops, press releases, movies, music, listings, CSR activities, sports and the world’s important issues that are associated with the humanistic appeal. So our continuous strive for perfection and innovation can definitely enchant our readers.

Within this journey of three years, The Pages appears with her 31st issue and we’d some creative talents whom The Pages still misses. Their innovative ideas and creative intuition helped us where we are today. We still wish their success in their respective fields.

To fulfill the demand of the 21st generation and competitive market, The Pages recruited a research-based creative team so that our readers can perceive an enhanced experience.

Our editorial, design, marketing, PR, photography, choreography, makeup and board of advisors are highly reputed in their respective fields. So the challenge and demand of our clients are easily met with the inspiration of touching the untouched.

The Pages believes nothing can be possible without the help of partners who’re with us from the commencement till date. Their continuous support and encouragement paved our way for a successful journey which Pages will never forget. We cordially thank our valued clients for keeping their faith upon us.


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