STAY COOL An Essential Cosmetic for Summer By: Md.Rakibul Hassan


Bangladesh, like another economic sector in the country, cosmetics & toiletries industry is one of the major sectors which contribute to the national economy. International brands play a dominant role in the upper-end market of Bangladesh, where quality ranks above pricing among the factors affecting purchasing decisions. Most local manufacturers are producing lower-priced toiletries and perfumes with their own brands, and focus on the middle-to low price market segments. Many domestic industries, long accustomed to tariff protection, are finding it difficult to adjust with the changed competitive situation resulting from the reduction/removal of tariff and other non-tariff barriers. Moreover, some firms think that trade liberalization have made them vulnerable to increasing competition with foreign firms. Competition from domestic firms has also increased substantially.

In the old days, when people went abroad, they were given shopping lists that contained a whole range of toiletries: talcum powder, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, face washes, creams, etc. In those days the local toiletries market was not advanced enough to meet all the demands of the people. But in the last decade, things have changed drastically for the toiletries industry in Bangladesh. Now people no longer have to rely on others traveling abroad to get what they want. The basic necessities of everyone are now available. Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face scrub, cream, lotion, toothpaste, Vaseline, powder, shaving cream, etc., goes, all that are now locally produced and readily available.

Currently, local cosmetics and toiletries industry continues to dominate the domestic market gradually with the sector posting double-digit growth over and a half decades. Presently, the local manufacturers hold around 60 percent share in the domestic cosmetics and toiletries market and compared to only 40 percent in the late nineties. The robust growth over the last 15 years has turned it into one of the vital money-spinning areas with an annual turnover of approximately TK150 billion. According to the data of BCTMA showed that the industry has employed 0.5 million people and its annual turnover reached TK 150 billion in 2014 of which local players including national and multinational companies contribute TK90 billion.

However, among the cosmetics and toiletries products, talcum powder has a vital role in leading this industry’s growth. There are so many local talcum powder along with the multinational brands. Both of the items are categorized according to the purchased ability of two types of people. Local brands for the middle income and lower-income people and foreign brands are targeting the rich people of the country who generally likes to shop from departmental stores or fashion houses. But Best in Brands Pvt. Ltd differs from this point of purchasing ability. They introduce STAY COOL Perfumed Talc summer Jasmine for every one of the society so that people can buy the best quality talcum powder at an affordable price. This is a product of Universal Toiletries locally distributed by Best in Brands. This amazing talcum powder may bring you a fresh feel within the hard days of summer with the essence of jasmine.



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