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It is a general belief that solving problems is the main work of a debutant entrepreneur. But in reality, new startups not only provide solutions but also contribute largely to social development by creating new sectors. STARTUP DHAKA has highlighted various entrepreneurs from all over the world in 2014. Besides these featured startups, there are various initiatives that are promising. Here we are highlighting the ventures that promise the most growth in 2015.


To maintain a business we need to store data effectively. To survive in the competitive world of today we need to be up to date with the sales, survey and the variations of necessary tasks needed for the business. To undertake these operations Fieldbuzz has been created. Here the user can conserve his own sales records, survey, daily reports, etc.  Even the location of field sales employees can be tracked too with this. So it is not baseless to expect that the Fieldbuzz app will make radical changes in the world of business in 2015.

As the name suggests, this site is about the price of products. It is Bangladesh’s first online shopping database. This site can show the price of any product. You search by the keywords in the search box and it comes up with information regarding its price. You can access it both online and offline. Moreover, it shows a price comparison amongst products, so affordable shopping is possible.


Drinkwell has helped to fight the water crisis in 2014 by winning the mass challenges. Now it is operating as micro-franchising in Arsenic affected regions. By training and providing field agents, they are trying to create a distribution channel to ensure safe drinking water. They are not only working for business expansion but also promoting education in rural areas. With innovative projects they are aiming to eradicate health problems, unemployment and promote a healthy lifestyle, Drinkwell is on its way to prove its worth in 2015.








Coderstrust is a micro-financing company that provides a loan to students to learn to code. To earn from companies such as Elance, Odesk, etc. this organization offers loans. Now they are working with 15 developing countries. In a joint venture with German Solutions in Bangladesh, they are involved in experimental works with twenty countries. They aim to popularize freelancing in Bangladesh.

MCC Limited:

Multimedia Content and Communications provide technical and strategic communication. This award-winning company works for electronic media and mobile applications. Furthermore, app development and video production is also their work. They have been providing Bengali content for customers for several years. They have created a portfolio for Bdjobs, grammen phone and ATN News. This year they will introduce new services soon.

It is an online organic vegetable selling website that offers home delivery. The company itself grows organic vegetable in 65 acre of lands. Created by Mohammed Shahin, has been working tirelessly to grow quality vegetables and distribute it directly to its customers. They don’t charge for product delivery. Customers can pay directly or online. People can sign up at and use their services.




 : is Bangladesh’s first online site for food ordering. Starting from 2013, now they provide business in more than twenty areas in Dhaka. Their aim is to provide customer’s chosen food from the restaurant via home delivery in the shortest amount of time possible. With twenty-five employees, they try to deliver food within an hour. To get clients, they offer discounts too. Recently they have started business in Chittagong too. works for making travel and tourism easy. From this site, people can easily buy tickets and book hotels from their homes. Although they are based in Dhaka, they sell and distribute tickets all over Bangladesh. There are various e-payment opportunities on the site to make the customer gateway easy.

Prallaxlogic :

This software helps planning, design and develop any business. Ashraf-ul-Alam and Shihab Bin Rashid are the creator of this software. Their product has helped to make business smooth by helping design, planning and co-ordinating. One can control their business anytime anywhere with this product. Another of their new virtual e-commerce shopping site- “Experience Innovation Extreme” could also make headline worldwide.

















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