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In Bangladesh, there are high maternal mortality, 170/100,000 live births, highest rates of child-marriage, over 60% of adolescents girls are married before they turned in 18. Neonatal death and child mortality rates remain also high. 80% of maternal deaths could be avoided by access to accurate and essential information and basic health services. Shornokishoree addresses all these barriers with accurate information and services. We want to bring 20 million adolescent girls united under a single network to achieve women empowerment and safe motherhood by providing them health education and making them empowered. Briefly, we do the following activities:

Objectives of Shornokishoree:

To promote safe & healthy life for women, adolescent, and children and contribute to reducing maternal mortality, child mortality, child marriage; women empowerment and linking them with the socio-economic development of Bangladesh

Values of Shornokishoree:

  • Believe in the catalytic role that individuals, communities, and societies play in the development of their own
  • Respect for the environment, commitment to equality, particularly for women and other marginalized populations
  • Believe in a longstanding presence and commitment to work with our strong network and commitment to the progress of Bangladesh.

Major Activities of Shornokishoree;

Shornokishoree conducts the following activities to create awareness on the six components i.e. reproductive & sexual health-HIV, nutrition and dietary habits, personal health and hygiene, mental health and emotional wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and age at marriage which is designed based on the national plan of action and SDG goals. We conduct activities at three levels/approaches

  1. Mass level approach (using TV & ICT communication)
  2. Community Level Approach (peer group, local mobilization, advocacy)and
  3. Individual approach (individual need-based counseling)







 School-based Shornokishoree activities in 2015

  • Organize daylong gathering of 500/600 girls at school ground,
  • Conduct issue based lecture,
  • Provide booklet to study,
  • Held competitive test and
  • Selects leaders & volunteers from the school girls (the idol girl)
  • Register in girls’ health network (aged 10-19) & develop a database to communicate
  • Conduct debate and open air dialogue on selectedhealth issues
  • Girls trained herself and works as voluntary to createawareness among other girls
  • Shoots and record the entire above mentioned activities
  • The Shornokishoree TV programme telecast on Channel i TV for 30 minutes long on every Saturday 5.30 PM& Friday 12.30 PM


School-based Adolescent Club activities in 2016

 School-based Adolescent Club is dedicated to promoting school-going adolescent girls’ & boys’ health, rights, and capabilities building activities. The club activities include stopping child marriage, violence against women, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, etc and the issues fixed by the club. Alongside, club activities include cultural activities, recreational activities, debate, essay competition, environmental cleanliness activities, etc.

  • To build 488 adolescent clubs in 488 schools/Upazila (sub-district) of Bangladesh
  • Daylong gathering of boys and girls in the school with dignitaries
  • Conduct club regulations & activities based lecture and discussion
  • Selection of 30 club members from grade 6 to 10 classes and peer leader
  • To inaugurate & unveil the adolescent club in a corner of the school
  • 50 club representatives of 10 club and five (3 girls+2 boys) from each club are brought to Dhaka for a comprehensive residential training
  • After the training, the girls & boys participate in a studio-based competitive TV program
  • Shoots and record the entire above mentioned activities
  • To telecast 30 minutes long TV program on channel I TV.
  • Boys & girls are sent back to their locality under central surveillance to achieve the club objectives
  • Yearly national adolescent congress of 488 club members there routine activities:

To achieve the objectives of the shorno kishoree network foundation we do following activities routinely as well;

  1. Conduct ICT based distance lecture/training & video conference on adolescent reproductive health issues with schoolgirls
  2. Girls are given internet and verbal communicative devices Laptop, Mobile Phone, booklet
  3. Conduct training, seminar, workshop, roundtable, TV talk show, advertise-ments, nationalconvention
  4. Advocacy and mobilization whole society to create a supportive and enabling condition for adolescent girls

e.Established coordination with NGOs, Government, Private Sector, Civil Societies and other networks

  1. Use print media, social Media & use Shornokishoree network & local committee
  2. Use promotional activities (leaflet, Brochure, festoon, Ads, banners, billboards)
  3. Create and use call centre service linking with mobile phone call including mobile SMS, Voice call and mobile apps etc.

Target Group

  1. Adolescent girls (Age 10-19 years)
  2. School going, non-schooling girls
  3. Young mothers, ethnic minorities
  4. Gatekeepers of adolescents- parents, community leaders, teacher and health workers
  5. Adolescent health & social service providers
  6. Community


The Key Strategies

 Involve Adolescent Girls as key decision-makers in programe design, implementación and evaluación

 Provide comprehensive, accurate information to the target age group and sex

 Address barriers to access in health and information services

 Empower adolescents to make life choices that are best for them

 Use information/Services through Media

Specific Time Based Efforts

In the year 2014, we moved in to six divisions (provinces) of Bangladesh to educate and register 50,000 adolescent girls (20 trained leaders). In 2015 our network moved ahead into 64 Districts (sub-provinces) and the network brings the smile on the faces of 160,000 adolescent girls (64 trained leaders)   by breaking social taboo, protecting girls rights, and enlightening the path of the girls to a better healthy future. In 3rd phase, in Upozila (sub-district) level we want to add 1.2 million girls (490 trained leaders) in 2016. In the 4th phase, in 2017-18 at the Union/ village levels, we want to add 12.3 million girls (4952 trained leaders) in our network to educate on adolescent sexual and reproductive health to promote & protect the adolescent girls and seemingly the network will cover 20 millions girls countrywide within 2019.

We would like to invite you to visit our website and see the presentation on Shornokishoree’s previous work and future plan. We would appreciate your valuable comment on our future plan so that we can work more efficiently to achieve the SDG goal, adolescent health and safe motherhood.  As Kailash Satyarthi, Noble Peace Prize (2014) said in his recent visit to Bangladesh regarding the ‘ShornoKishoree’, “I’m most impressed by something which is very very special and the whole world can learn from it. And that is about the adolescent girls’ health education…. I have never seen such a thing anywhere.  Thank you so much.


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