Summer Fashion in Skirt and Palazzo. By: Tahmina Amin Khan


Wearing a Skirt is a true feeling of relaxation. The smooth and soft material of skirts flows from top to bottom, defining the meaning of beauty. Mixing different styles and breaking the rules is part of what makes style so much fun! Typically, a flowy top and bottom would look aesthetically similar to adorning yourself in a trash bag, but opting for a flowy crop top makes it a flattering (and cool!) option in the summer heat. It’s a timeless piece of clothing, what looks great, smart and stylish. Speaking of trends, then I might suggest the following styles: midis, ruffled, wrap, slits and maxis. Frankly speaking, each style has something special. So with the detail about the skirt now, you are going to be faced with a lot of choices to wear this summer.











Comfortable in summer:

Comfortable skirts are a fun concept that when worn well, can make you feel and look really good. The most amazing part about wearing a skirt is that they are versatile and eye-catchy. Not only will one keep you cool on the hottest of days but the right style just has that way of instantly elevating any ensemble.

Try with a critical eye:

When you buy a skirt of various lengths, do have a critical eye and look in the mirror. If you are short, you may actually prefer slightly shorter lengths. Test out several lengths and see what works best for your body and your personality. Then ask yourself these questions: Does it look good on me? Is the skirt length too aging or unflattering? Does it make me look too young? Trust your own instinct! However, if you want to play it safe then you can never go wrong with knee-length skirts.

Be choosy:

Getting the right skirt length, but also the right fit and shape can make all the difference between looking fabulous or looking frumpy between young and hip or a bit old lady. Remember, the skirt is a smart solution for adding an instant chicness to your style. So. Be a little bit choosy can make you proud of your own style.

Define the waist:

Why does it work? Letting a bit of your middle peek through shows off your figure and ensures your waste is still defined. So, whatever you’re wearing on top, make sure you define your waist, whether it’s with a belt, tucking in, or tying up your shirt—this avoids the dreaded “paper bag” syndrome.

The material creates difference: Stay away from tight maxis in ultra-thin, clingy material—they show everything. No matter how many squats you’re doing in the gym, those skirts are never flattering! As a rule of thumb, if you get a line from your underwear or from tucking in your shirt, put it back on the rack!

Length, shape and motif Matters:

A maxi’s length can vary greatly, from a couple of inches above the ankle all the way down to the floor. For the most flattering, go with a cut that is either above or below your ankles. A skirt that is exactly ankle height can cut off your legs and make you look like a tree stump. If you always feel “stumpy” when wearing maxis, try one that has a slit at the leg, which often can feel less restricting and elongate the legs. Long skirts are extremely elegant and have come full circle thanks to the runway and the street style goddesses of fashion weeks past. With key pairings of complimenting separates, skirts can be great for hang out, travel and play. Refresh your look for summer with the new skirt updates including A-line, mid and maxis.









Midi Skirts

A midi skirt hits mid-calf and usually has a fuller shape. The fabric can vary, ranging from soft, flowing silks and crisp cotton to heavier wools. This shape tends to work best for someone who is tall, as the length can be difficult on someone of shorter stature. As the style is often full, this style provides a good opportunity to highlight the waist by tucking in the top and adding a belt.



























Palazzo can be another option:

With key pairings of complimenting separates, palazzo pants can be great for work, travel and play also in this sunny weather. With the comfort level of pants and the look of a skirt, it is no wonder that these alternative trousers have become a staple in every wardrobe. So for those who just love their simple looks, Palazzo pants can still be an option for them in 2016 as it can be paired with a white top and a statement necklace. It will give an absolutely stunning look. But maintaining the rest of your attire as simple and sober is the key.

Differs on shapes of your body:

A lot of body shapes are flattered by palazzo pants. Believe it or not, pear-shaped women can wear them because they take the width in the thigh and slim it by adding extra volume. Skinny jeans and pants make the body look bigger, so if you have ample thighs, palazzo pants will be more flattering on you than slim-fitting ones. Hourglass women can wear pretty much anything, including palazzo pants. The added volume creates the illusion of a slim waist so they work for rectangle-shaped women and for the inverted triangle shape, the added volume on the lower half balances out your top area. The one body type that might not look good in the palazzo pants is the apple-shaped bodies. You don’t want to wear anything that accentuates the stomach area and palazzo pants will do that.

So in this summer try to enhance your style statement with some adorable skirt and palazzo collections. Both of these outfits are great multi-tasker, taking you from noon to night with not much effort. They are relaxed, fuss-free, easy breezy and packs in effortless style.



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