Google IO 2016. By: Istiaque Reza


The Google IO 2016 dates are slated for May 18 – May 20. This is considered to be the biggest developer’s conference on Earth. The session will open with the two-hour keynote, hosted by CEO Sundar Pichai. The rest of the slots at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif. are filled with sessions devoted to a wide swath of subjects. Developed and those interested in the digital world will get to see the new developments by the company during the launching.. 8000 developers from 150+ countries are expected to attend this year’s Google IO.

For this year’s Google IO 2016, Google has names Isthiaque Reza from GDG Sonargaon as the Google Developer Group Community manager this year. Isthiaque Reza, a UX specialist and CSE graduate from the University of Rajshahi will carry the flagship of Bangladesh in this event. He also expressed his immense interest to work with Google in the future. He also has future plan to disseminate his experience among the young developer and students from throughout the country as they gather to attend the conference. It is an absolute pleasure for the Google community of developers of Bangladesh where more than 3000+ students and experts are engaged with various tech activities.

Istiaquereza is a user experience specialist with 3 years’ experience in UX, UI, GUI and product design. He completed his bachelor of engineering in computer science from the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He has been working as the UX lead in Bangladesh based IT company Multimedia content & communication Ltd since 2015. Additionally, he is the course instructor of UX basics at mLab in Dhaka. He is also a member of the planning team for UXCON, the largest conference on user experience in Bangladesh with 500+ attendees. His sphere of experience as a designer spans in working with one of the most renowned IT companies in Bangladesh and across the globe. As a consultant, he has contributed on a broad range of digital solutions such as websites, mobile apps, software, and interactive installations and constructing UX solutions for start-ups, international corporations, B2B and B2C, government, e-commerce, IT, telecom, health, education, social networks, advertising, and many more. Over the years, he has acquired knowledge on how to maintain a balance between users’ needs, technical constraints and business objectives. He is skilled in managing the lifecycle of a UX project– specifically in deriving requirement definition, contextual inquiry, planning the information architecture, user research, prototyping, wireframing, data visualization, interaction design, iterative design, documentation, instructing the graphic designers-developers and reviewing the final product. He is currently focused on human behavior and innovation and is particularly interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) and service design.

Virtual and augmented reality is going to be major focuses on Google’s conference. There are several sessions devoted to the tech, including one entitled, “VR at Google”. During this session, Google will tell attendees “what we have built, what we have learned, and where we are headed”, according to the session description. It’s sweeping but we should get insight into how Cardboard is progressing, what Google’s learned from making cheap, mobile VR and what it has planned next in the space. 

Google already has a Project Tango tablet and phone, though for IO, the handset announced at CES, built in partnership with Lenovo and aimed at consumers seems to be the device it’s championing. During a session entitled what’s “New with Project Tango”, Google will explore the vision of Project Tango and how it will come to life with the launch of our first consumer phone, announced earlier this year. To conclude, Bangladeshi developer’s participation will enhance the expertise more on the Google developer community. This will also lead to our ICT ecosystem more strong and adaptable to stand in the global platform.


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