M.M Jasim Uddin Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group. By: Mahbub Alam


Authority is committed for security in South Asian Fashion and Lifestyle Fest, Old Dhaka Traditional IftarMela and Shopping at Bashundhara Shopping Mall. The International Convention, Bashundhara City is a responsible organization. They always prefer for public demand. As people have demand for our traditional Iftar in Ramadan which is tasty and qualitative. They always prefer healthy Iftar and which is cheap in rate and qualitative. M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group) says, for this reason since last year, we are arranging an Iftarmela in Bashundhara City. This year, in the meantime about 60 stalls are fulfilling iftar demand for pious Muslims. The traditional iftar of Old Dhaka City is available here. So, every day hundreds of pious Muslim people come here to buy Iftar. This IftarMela is very much relevant to the International Convention City at Bashundhara. This year we are going to arrange an additional event at Bashundhara Convention City which is also very relevant here, says M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group). From 12th June South Asian Fashion and Lifestyle Fest-2016 held in PushpaGuccha Hall. We have taken this type of initiative because there is no alternative platform in South Asia. Not only Bangladeshi stall but also SAARC associated country is joining here but Indian stall is much in number. The main reason for arranging this event is, people have hobbies for fashion and they have regional binding. People wear a different types of dresses in different areas of SAARC. We use solid soap but the European doesn’t use this. They use a liquid shop. International Convention Bashundhara Group is trying to give a platform and connecting a cultural interaction in this area says, M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group). This is starting in a little space but every year it will expand and there will be added some values and it will maintain ICCB. Various seminars, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, musical events, and wedding ceremonies are arranged here. The responsible ground is ICCB’s personal event. Here we’ve arranged IftarMela from our responsibility because we tried to make a new bridge between old and new Dhaka. Here we’ve some blank space which remains useless in Ramadan though the whole year many events occur. So, in this year, arranging IftarMela is magnificent. The owners of this IftarMela are very much happy to get a shop because there is a huge arrangement and people are coming to buy Iftar. This arrangement is succeeded in ICCB.

 If anyone wants to eat ‘BoroBaperPolayKhai’ a traditional Iftar in old Dhaka but crossing and passing the traffic jam, this is impossible to reach in old Dhaka for many people. Bashundhara thinks that this could be a USP. People, living in new Dhaka, are mostly related to old Dhaka in business, education, job or any other sects. They have tasted their Iftar but many of them couldn’t taste because of time. From last year Bashundhara Convention City is promoting this USP and since its name is old Dhaka Iftar Bazar. Here in Bangladesh, Iftar Bazar means Shahi Masjid Iftar in Delhi and Bangladeshi Chakbazar. These two are the biggest IftarMela. We are making Iftar in a healthy environment. Here wearing gloves is mandatory when is mixing spice. We are spoiling iftar item which doesn’t sell and remains for the next day. We don’t preserve it in the deep fridge as others do. So, it could say, Bashundhara Convention City is responsible for their duty.

In Eid fest, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall is a unique name. Sometimes it introduces Bashundhara Group and it is gradually developing. There is an important hidden matter. We are caring for the main three purposes- Security, Health Hygiene and Entertainment. If anybody goes to washroom our sweeper washes and sweeps it quickly. For this reason, if a man stays day long at Bashundhara Shopping Mall will not fell sick. Bashundhara is also enriched in fast food corner. Here people will find fast food, continental, Chinese, Thai and all kinds of foods which are pure and fresh. Pious Muslims also feel comfortable here because there is a huge space for Namaz in every west corner of the building. For entertainment, there is a Cineplex which is better than any other Cineplex of the country. Its sound system and screen quality are world-class. Many movies are realizing here targeting Eid fest and Bashundhara is promoting tailoring of these movies. This year we are increasing our security. Govt. and nongovt. security forces, police, and DB will be available here. This market is popular because we ensured our carefulness and security by scanning their bodies, bags, and cars. This popularity will remain the same as long as we could provide these services to the people, thinks M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group).

M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group), thinks there is such Int. branded shop as- Stacey, Trade, Infinity and our DeshiDaas. Mobile Phone Company has opened its biggest outlet here. All home and the foreign shops always help the authority and authority also do the same. In this Eid fest, Bashundhara Shopping Mall has taken a campaign for 33 days. This is ‘EakGhoshateiDarunEid’. People will get a scratch card after 500 BDT shopping and after scratching they will go to Instant Corner at the ground floor. Our members will do registration and if anyone gets a prize, they will hand over it. Overall 500 buyers are getting the gift and it will remain the same till Eid.

At last M.M Jasim Uddin (Head of marketing, Bashundhara Group) says, Authority is committed for security in South Asian Fashion and Lifestyle Fest, Old Dhaka Traditional IftarMela and Shopping at Bashundhara Shopping Mall.


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