Upcoming Film Mastani. By: Arjee Neel


New Bengali Film ‘Mastani’ is the upcoming multi-starrer film directed by Firoz Khan Prince and produced by Nazmul Hossain. The film features KaziMaruf and Mousumi Hamid in the  lead roles and Kabila, Harun Kisinjer, Elias Kobra are also playing important roles. KaziMaruf, one of the most popular actors of the country and acted in numerous hit film, whereas Mousumi Hamid, the renowned Bangladeshi model and TV actress and Lux Channel I superstar runner up of 2010, have debuted her career in films last year and all her works are praised by the audience.  Directed by Firoz Khan Prince, the movie has already got its censor certificate and created craze upon the fans.

Firoz Khan Prince himself is very well known among the Bangladeshi Directors. All of his films have been applauded by both the audience and critics. His super hit films include PremikaChintai, Bou-erjala, and KhuniBou. The release of Housefull 3 is just around the corner and they have begun their interaction session with the media. Recently film Mastani’s director talked with The Pages and reveled many secret and interesting facts about the film.




The Pages: When or how did you think of making film Mastani?

Firoz Khan Prince: Actually, some renowned producers of our film industry like nazmul Hossain, Mojammelvai, Mojnuvai, Shamsuddinvai one day said to me that they are interested to make a film. They told me to collect a different story and then I had the Idea about this film. After that, one day we sat with story writer MonjuShaheb and dialogue writer Gazivai. And after a long discussion, we become successful to build up an idea about the film ‘Mastani’.

The Pages: Please tell us something about the characters and the story of the film?

Firoz Khan Prince: Kazi Maruf and Moushumi Hamid are in the lead characters. Other famous actors of our country like, Kabila, harunKisinjer, IliasKobra are playing the role of other important characters. About the story, it’s better not to reveal now. We hope that the audience will visit the cinema halls and we believe that they will like the film. So, let’s keep the story secret for the audience so that they can reveal the film and have full fun out there.

The Pages: Please tell us something about the songs and music of the film?

Firoz Khan Prince: We know that music is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of our films. Keeping that on the mind, we have cast the best singer and musicians in our world. Legendary singer Runa Laila, popular singer Kona, S I Tutul, Close Up star Nowlin, Komol, Mukta, Sarowar and other new singers.

The Pages: If you are told to describe the film ‘Mastani’, what 3 words will you choose?

Firoz Khan Prince: Actually it’s tough to portray the film in only 3 words. Still, all I can say is that.it is an action-based social film. On the whole, it is a full packed film that has romance, action, social story, emotion, hatred and every other expression of our life. The audience of all ages will have something for them.

The Pages: Did the movie released form censor board?

Firoz Khan Prince: The film ‘Mastani’ has been cleared by the censor board without any cuts already. We are happy that, there were almost no cuts.  However, I think the law enforcement system of Bangladeshi censor board needs modification. We have seen that Indian and Indian Bangla cinema has been spread in our audience but in that comparison, we couldn’t achieve much. The rules through which films are being made can be improved.

The Pages: When is the releasing date of the film Mastani?

Firoz Khan Prince: We are planning to release the movie between the middle of Eid – Ul – Fitr, and Eid – Ul –Adha. We are now finalizing the schedule for its releases.

The Pages: Indian films have grasped the Bangladeshi market. What is your notion about that? Do Bangladeshi films have the capability to beat them?

Firoz Khan Prince: Yes, it is true that Indian films have uncontrolled entrance to our audience. In the age of global satellite networks, their films, plays and other shows have entered in our country almost without any interruption. But, the same thing is not happening in our films. Instead of having huge capabilities we are becoming a failure to get a chance to beat them Moreover, there are some facts that create impact to beat the, For example, the population is huge there and every year thousands of films with different themes and qualities are

getting released there. Their audience is also huge in comparison to us. Thus their profit, their investment everything is far bigger than us. In addition to that, we have some limitations too. Bangladesh is a Muslim country and a big amount of our audience is quite conservative. While making any film we have to keep many things in our minds.  Because of some issues like that we are becoming unable to beat them though. Otherwise, I believe that we have the capability to beat them.







The Pages: According to you, what is the present condition of our film industry?

Firoz Khan Prince: Actually, we have seen that our present government has developed many sectors in our country. But we have to admit that the opposite thing is happening with film industry sectors. Earlier, there was more than 1400 cinema hall throughout the whole country but now the number has reduced to 300 and something. If there is no more development then we will not be able to save this industry.

with good movies then our young generation will get spoiled. That’s why it’s my eager request to our government to modify the rules and regulations for the profit of both the audience and film makers.

The Pages:  On which locations did you shoot the film?

Firoz Khan Prince: There are a lot many picturesque locations in Bangladesh. We have chosen some places from them like Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong and area around the capital.


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