A.B.M Khaled Mahmud CEO of Violet inc. By: Dewan Mamun


Why are you doing that?

Besides birth and death, there is another thing inundating our society and life which is Marriage. That’s why I thought of working on ‘Marriage’.

What will be the effects?

Education and intelligence are idiosyncratic supremacy despoilment of mankind. Humans keep society and creations alive. People are habituated in expressing the feelings of their hearts. So a medium is needed for such communication. And I hope to play the role of putting an impact on society by creating such a medium.

You are involved with event management business. What is the reason behind organizing that event separately?

We arranged many events before. So this time we are doing this event with a little courage. Bangladesh is going forward, so why don’t we? We are trying to keep going with our country.

What is the assessment of the event in Chittagong?

People have a tradition of Hospitality in Chittagong which is 100% agreeable with the society and ideas of Chittagong. People absolutely feel the essentiality and ecstasy of it.

How much proper availability of the matter is there in Bangladesh cum in Chittagong?

The manufacturers and artificers are a unique ballad as a demand of the country. ‘Jamdani’ is one of them. Besides ‘Muslin’ has its own tradition. That’s why we believe that we can provide all kind of cooperation and we will.

How much hopeful are you?

People and foreigners of Chittagong are going to sorely enjoy this upcoming two days and I am hopeful for that.


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