Mr. Muhammed Ali Managing Director


Mr. Muhammed Ali is one of the most esteemed banking brands in Bangladesh. As CEO, Mr. Ali has always cherished sustainable growth as a team person and believes in the amalgamation of economic and social escalation which comes as People, Planet and Profit.

Mr. Muhammed Ali, a prominent and professional banker with 36 years of rewarding multi-dimensional experience in banking and other fields of management is Managing Director of United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) since 1 November 2012. Prior to joining UCB, he was the Managing Director of Social Islami Bank and before that the Managing Director of ShahjalalIslami Bank. He started his career with Sonali Bank as a probationary officer in 1977. In the process of career progression, he capitalized on the opportunities to work with many other banks like National Bank, National Credit Ltd (Subsequently emerged as NCC Bank) Standard Bank, ShahjalalIslami Bank, and Social Islami Bank.

He is a graduate of profound Alma mater SAID Business School, Oxford; HAAS Business School, University of Columbia, Barkley and Columbia Business School of Columbia University on Executive and Leadership program on Corporate Governance & Strategic Management. He is a post-graduate in Economics with honors from the University of Chittagong and has a keen interest in CSR, loves building relationships with people and believes in professionalism in business management.

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