Tamima Shams Mitua Chairman, Mitua Fashions CEO, MABS International. By Tauhidul Islam Apu


“At first, I wanted to be a decent human being and after that my dream was to do something noteworthy so that I don’t regret after my death.” Tamima Shams Mitua, one of the notable new entrepreneurs of the present time was expressing her thoughts with the following lines. After completing her graduation in economics from Dhaka University she did not run after the job like others. Rather she believed in self- occupation and took initiatives to create a source for other’s employment. Instead of being a woman she did not choose the flow, she walked opposite the stream and made her own way.

We questioned, from where did you have the courage to do something different from others? She replied “to be happy and to make people happy, two things are very important. The first one is to get proper education and the second thing is to grasp and improvise the learning in oneself. I find another thing very important, that is to keep yourself organized. That’s why I get engaged with fashion and clothes. I somehow manage the courage and now trying to develop it day by day. Actually, when you are planning to do something good for society, you will feel the inspiration by yourself. We need to remember that human beings are very creative.”

Our society is very conservative. In a socio-economic condition like us, many can’t even think of becoming an entrepreneur or doing something by own self.  The same could have happened with Mitua. She is the only child of her family. But her brilliant performance in study and continuous attachment with various cultural activities made her family bound to depend upon her activities and decision. As she used to be the first girl in her class, everyone used to treat her in a special way. That thing motivated her from the very beginning and she felt that she has to keep the place and has to make progress on it gradually.

That time Mitua was in her early 17. Actually a teenager like she can take initiative and become an entrepreneur was not thinkable for many. But Mitua proved that all these are possible. She proved that inner strength can enlighten everything. How much effort a woman can put to turn her dream into reality can be understood with the example of Mitua. All her achievements are the result of her self-confidence, dedication and hard work. From that point of view, Mitua really deserves to be the Icon of the young generation. Anybody can take inspiration from her how to fulfill one’s own dream. How to balance business and family in a very balancing way, can be learned from her. She maintains her family, children, and professional work in a very balanced way. In a society like us women are often expected to provide a lot of support in their relationships with their families (whether that’s in their role as a “mom”, “spouse” or “sister/daughter”) while also still feeling excited and energized to pursue own business and career goals. When did we ask her how successful women achieve balance in both the sectors? She replied “If you have goodwill, everything is possible. When you will prove your capability and worth through your works, then your family members will also support you to achieve your goal. We need to create our own position. When it’s about my work, my whole family supports me a lot because I have attained their trust with my work”.

Mitua’s works are not confined only in her own fashion house. Mitua has been engaged for the development of poor and indigent people being liable regarding social responsibility. She spent a major amount of money from her total income for the social cause. She established a free school for providing education to street children. As an entrepreneur from the fashion industry, Mitra herself is a very fashionable person. But she believes in inner beauty most. Mitra, Chairman of Mitua fashions is also a responsible person. Along with her fashion house, Mitua is also responsible as the CEO of MABS International, Director of the Sentox Landmark Limited and CEO of Syntax Group.


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