Towards the Root. By: Mohiuddin Moin


Eid-ul-Fitr is the largest festival of Muslim Ummah all over the world. After month-long fasting, everyone tries to celebrate this religious festival along with their family especially people who live in urban areas. Everyone prefers to celebrate this festival with their parents no matter how far that place is where they live. Every home in every village becomes full during these festive moments. In this time, everyone meets their friends, relatives, and neighbors whom they haven’t met for months maybe for years. People gathered to their memorable places like streets, bazaars, and shops of their villages. Everywhere sounds of greetings are heard.

So preparation towards root begins a few days earlier of this festival because going back home becomes harder during this time especially for the people who live in Dhaka. It becomes difficult to arrange transportation. Wealthy people prefer their own vehicles or rent a private vehicle to going back home in a family setting. People who have no private vehicle or have no afforded to hire private transport mainly depend on public transport. The situation becomes dangerous when people ride on-water vehicles and roof of the bus or train. Every transport becomes overloaded because everyone becomes desperate for going home in any way. Students prefer motorcycle during this time to add extra flavor to their journey. But everyone must be careful during this time because of high accidental risk. A motorcycle should be avoided. Remember you must be careful about your own life as no one will care for you. So it would be a little bit comfortable if you can arrange the advance transportation tickets a few days earlier on this occasion.











Ticket counters at Gabtoli, Mazar Road, Kallyanpur, Shyamoli and some counters at Sayedabad will be abuzz. People generally queuing up at ticket counters from as early as 6:30 am. But many have to return empty-handed as bus tickets already sold out earlier.

The same situation arises in the case of the train journey. You can try to get an advance train tickets through the medium of both online and offline mode. If you don’t get a ticket online, never forget to stand in the queue.

People who depend on water transport must-visit sadarghat launch terminal hiring advance cabin ticket. Everyone must talk to the booking person. If you depend on booking phone number, you may be misguided. So visit physically and get your launch ticket by paying an advance. You must be avoided the roof of any vehicles during your journey. You must be alert that advancing towards root may not call any risk.


























































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