Healthy Hair During Ramadan


Fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan offers a whole host of benefits, spiritually, emotionally and physically.  By fasting, you are detoxifying the body of the chemicals and additives found in day-to-day food and sugary drinks. By expelling these toxins you should notice an improvement in the condition of your skin and hair. This year Ramadan has fallen during the late summer months. As well as battling with the soaring June/July temperatures, there is also the issue of the extended summer daylight hours, which means that it is even more important to keep your hair hydrated at this time.


Best Way to back your Hair Glow

Stay hydrated

During non-fasting hours try to stick to water and herbal teas. These drinks will keep you hydrated and replenish the body. Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks as these will dehydrate your body and could cause all sorts of problems from migraines to break-outs! If water doesn’t do it for you, fear not! Try some coconut water! Coconut water has been proven to be more hydrating for the body than water and is rich in electrolytes and minerals. Professional athletes often embrace coconut water as a natural alternative to isotonic sports drinks!

Eat right

It’s very easy to overindulge at Iftar, but tucking into salty or fried foods will not only dehydrate you, but they will also fail to offer you the nutrients that your body is craving. Your hair needs a good balance of Omega 3, essential fatty acids and vitamins to be strong and fabulous! Breakfast with dates and a glass of warm water mixed with ginger and lemon to cleanse your organs. Try to focus on fruit and vegetables with a good mixture of grains and lean protein. Watermelon is a particularly hydrating fruit as it contains over 90% water!

Take care of your hair

High street shampoos/conditioners strip the natural oils from your mane and dry it out so using a sulfate-free cleansing routine is crucial during Ramadan. For a little extra nourishment using the contents of your kitchen cupboard, rub coconut oil into the routes of your hair, tie it in a bun and leave it to add moisture to your locks whilst you relax!

Hair Masks

Hydrate and nourish your hair with different hair masks that are easy to make at home. Here are some hair mask recipes that you could try at home:

Banana and Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

The Magic of Saffron

Home Made Remedies to Revive Your Hair

Olive Oil Hair Wrap for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Choose the Right Brush

For long hair: Always choose a hairbrush made of natural hair.

For short hair: Always choose a hairbrush made of nylon hair.

Eat Right

Eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible during Ramadan. Milk and yogurt are great for your hair as well, make sure you drink at least one cup of milk or yogurt a day.

More Tips to get Ramadan hair Styling

Braids, braids, and more braids!

Since Ramadan is taking place in the summertime, braids are a perfect solution to keep your hair tied up in a stylish way. Braids aren’t just for long hair; braids also look great even if you have short hair. In fact, there’s a suitable braid for every hair type/length. For Ramadan, try the fishtail braid or the halo braid – they’ll suit your Ramadan outfits and give your look a twist.

Top your hairstyle with an accessory

A cute headband? Yes, please. A sparkly pin? Oh, why not. Embellished hairpieces? Go for it! For Ramadan, welcome accessories to your hairstyles, but make sure to keep things simple! Meaning, if you want to wear a statement hair accessory, keep your outfit on the simple side and let your hairstyle do the talking!

Turbans are back!

Do you remember when turbans used to be the epitome of style? Well, the turban is back and it’s an absolutely suitable look for Ramadan. You can buy a ready-knotted turban or you can make your very own turban by wrapping up your favorite scarf. When you’re wearing a turban, style your hair in loose waves beneath it – it will look just great.

Add a twist to your bun and ponytail.

Who doesn’t love buns and ponytails? They’re actually the easiest and most convenient way to keep your hair off of your face in the heat! However, for Ramadan, why don’t you add a twist to your good old bun and ponytail? Try a half-up bun or a twisted side ponytail. This will certainly elevate your Ramadan look and keep you refreshed!


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