# Being Cleopatra. By: Tahmina Amin Khan


A time of celebration with family and friends who come to visit during Eid is a time to jazz up your makeup so that you can look and feel special, by both day and night. Every woman wants last longer makeup in order to shine in the whole world. It is true that foundation and shadows last just few hours. Then after their limited time these things start melting. To avoid the situation of smudging and oily face, some tips are given here. Actually it is difficult to attain a professional like look. But mostly women cannot get same look. They become sad and try to overcome common mistakes.

It is wrong to think that foundation can make your complexion fair. I request you ladies that please do not apply too much layers of base. It will harmful both for your skin and health.

One of the most essential tips is to moisturize your face. I know that every girl is thinking that why it is important? The reason is that our skin needs it hardly. It has three main functions hydrating, cleansing and scrubbing.

If your moisturizer is not working then please check its quality and brand. May be you are using a low quality product.

Primer and concealer are the two products used to hide freckles and dark circles. It is very important part of whole make up. Through primer all the mature women can shine last longer. It will give them a fresh and young look. It is usually apply on eyes, chin and forehead.

I would suggest you that everybody should use waterproof liner and mascara. They must be smudge free for better look.

Latest eyeliner pencils are available in different colors. It has become trend to apply colorful liner on eyes.

If you want last longer lipstick then use base on lips. It is available in the form of cream in markets. Then apply powder with the help of fluffy brush. Next step is making clean outline with sharp lip pencil.

Make your eyes the focal point

Eyes are the main beauty of a human being, so this is the area to focus on the most closely. For the daytime, choose soft, neutral colors that highlight in a natural night. For nighttime, the eyes can be bolder, and will look even prettier with a touch of shimmer or a metallic addition, such as gold.

Choose neutral shades for the day

Peaches, browns, and soft tones are good choices. Keep the eyeliner minimal or softened.

Choose dark or bright colors to match your outfit

For example, if your outfit is pink, spread a light pink eye shadow over your eyelid, then go over it with a darker pink. Blend well on the crease, then finish your dramatic look with a dark red or purple on the corner of your outer eye.

Add glamour for the evening

For the evening, add strong eyeliner. You may want to add eyeliner to make the look bolder, especially for the evenings. Use a soft brown color on your waterline or a white, to brighten and enlarge your eyes. Also line the top of your eyes with black eyeliner.

Add metallic eye shadow for evening wear

Gold eye shadow is especially glamorous. Add a small wedge above the eyelash line, with the wider edge facing toward the side of your face, the narrow edge toward the nose. Silver or bronze are other choices that you might like to consider.

Choose between dark or light lip coloring’s

Go for a dark pink or a red if you like to go for a darker look on Eid. If you want to keep the look simple, go for a peachy pink color. Natural or naked lips are fine for day wear. Add lip gloss for shine.


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